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Energy Matters Video News - Episode 28 - April 13, 2011


by Energy Matters

Energy Matters Video News
Presented by Energy Matters team member Virginia, we take a look at some of the stories from Australia and around the world recently added to our renewable energy news section.
In this episode, Virginia covers the ACT's solar feed in tariff to remain unchanged, Professor Ross Garnaut states renewable energy not the major culprit in electricity price rises, the radioactive nature of coal and IKEA's solar power efforts.


In this episode:
- The ACT solar feed in tariff rate will remain unchanged according to the Territory’s Minister for Energy, Simon Corbell in Canberra. Read more.
- Australian Government climate change advisor, Professor Ross Garnaut has confirmed that renewable energy is not the major culprit in electricity price rises. Professor Garnaut stated that price increases have been mainly driven by increases in the costs of transmission and distribution. Read more.
- Nuclear power isn’t the only source of radioactive waste. Coal ash, also known as fly ash, contains arsenic, lead and mercury – all incredibly toxic substances.  Uranium and thorium occur in minute amounts in coal in its natural state. However, once coal is burned, these radioactive elements in the resulting fly ash are concentrated at up to 10 times their original levels. Read more.
- After installing solar systems on around 150 stores and distribution centres around the world, furniture giant Ikea has announced more solar installations are being planned. In California, 20,000 solar panels in total will be installed by the end of this year, generating an annual output of 6,650 megawatt hours. Read more.



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