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Solar Spin Cells To Be Manufactured Near Mildura


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V3Solar Spin Cells
A major solar project has been announced for north-west Victoria's large-scale industrial hub at Thurla, south of Mildura.

SIL Global Limited (SILG) has acquired a 20-acre site at Thurla Industrial Park and a licence to manufacture solar products for the US technology developer V3Solar Corporation.

We've covered V3Solar's Spin Cells in the past - the spinning conical design allows for a larger photovoltaic surface area for a given area and the company claims substantial gain in power delivery.

Construction of the manufacturing and assembly plant will begin this year says President of V3 Solar, Michael Neistat.

"The facility will enable production of spin cells for the second stage of the SILG solar power generation plant. The plant will allow us to implement our plan to build a solar generation plant comprising 800,000 spin cell units the largest power station of its type in the world."

The Thurla Industrial Park is evolving as a hub for large-scale industrial development in north west Victoria and the estate's developer, Col Beasley, says the new interest from solar heralds what will be the strongest year of employment and economic growth in the parks history.

"The new players in the solar field are going to be the catalyst for a lot of other industries going in out here," he said. "Its exciting that the vision we had when we started the industrial estate is starting to come together now."

The Thurla Industrial Park has attracted a strong mix of industrial and technology clients, due mainly to its location and large lot sizes.

"Were getting more and more inquiries. Its been surprisingly strong and seems to be generated mostly by these solar announcements and by our location as a cross-road between Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide," Mr Beasley said.

Thurla Industrial Park is located at Red Cliffs in Victoria's Sunraysia region, 16 km south of Mildura and 544 km north-west of Melbourne.

UPDATE: There has been considerable controversy regarding the Spin Cell in relation to claims made about its performance - some of which can be viewed here.



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