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Robert Redford And Solar Power


by Energy Matters

Robert Redford - solar power supporter
Many of us know Robert Redford as the actor and maybe we've heard whispers about some "good stuff" he does around the place. He is also an avid environmentalist and is a trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council

Not many would know that he was and is a huge supporter of solar power - dating back some 30 years.

In an article on the Huffington Post, Mr. Redford reminisces on the 70's when Americans were very enthusiastic about solar power and the generation of pollution-free energy. Robert Redford and fellow solar supporters even created "Sun Day," the solar power equivalent of Earth Day with events held in multiple states.

In 1975 Mr. Redford also produced a short film called "The Solar Film" - in it, the people interviewed quoted the very same reasons for solar uptake as we do today - the environment, economic considerations, energy independence and national security.

America led the way in solar power development in the 70's and even the White House had a solar array installed. However, In 1980, the Reagan administration removed the array; which was then installed at Unity College in Unity, Main - and it's still working today! America then set it sights on the exploitation of fossil fuels and most of us followed.

Mr Redford feels that he was too early in his efforts to promote solar power, but that now is the time and the nation is getting a second chance to become a major player. He is urging Americans to call on their representatives to support them towards a future built on a clean and affordable energy economy and has likened the effort to the crisis and opportunity he witnessed as a child growing up during World War II.



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