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South Australia Sets Sights On Exporting Renewable Energy


by Energy Matters

Rann's renewable energy plan for South Australia
South Australian Premier Mike Rann recently unveiled a plan to see renewable energy sourced power generated in South Australia exported to the nation's eastern states.
According to Mr Rann, South Australia is the country's leader in renewable energy investment and renewable energy will be the state's next major industry alongside defence and mining.
"For a state with just eight per cent of the nationís population, we have done incredibly well in attracting 56 per cent of the nationís grid-connected wind power, about 30 per cent of its solar power and more than 90 per cent of its geothermal developments." said Mr Rann.
South Australia has set a new target of 33 per cent of the state's power generation coming from renewable energy by 2020 and Mr Rann expects South Australia to smash the national Renewable Energy Target of 20% by 2020 years ahead of time.
Premier Rann's vision is to see a "state-wide green grid of renewable energy feeding into the national grid out of South Australia - in wind, solar, geothermal and wave", and in doing so, assist eastern states reaching their own targets.
$1 million in funding has been announced as a contribution to a feasibility study that will look at how to increase South Australia's electricity transmission capacity.
Mr Rann said by increasing the capacity of the transmission lines in the Eyre Peninsula area, it has the potential to unlock an estimated $6 billion in renewable energy investment that could generate up to 5000 MW of clean, green energy and associated employment.


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