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Energy Matters Launches Australian Solar Power Online Forums


by Energy Matters

Energy Matters launches forums
Melbourne, Victoria, September 25, 2009. Energy Matters, a national provider of solar power solutions for home, business and community groups has launched an online community to cater to supporters of solar power and other forms of renewable energy in Australia.
The community is located at forums.energymatters.com.au and is free to join. Only launched a few days ago, the community has already attracted hundreds of members ; ranging from homeowners who have just started dabbling in solar power to renewable energy experts working in the industry for decades.
According to Energy Matters co-founder Max Sylvester, "Over the years, we've been asked thousands of questions; ranging from general enquiries about rebates, to highly technical questions regarding specific components. We have a massive knowledge base, but it's been locked up in our support systems. The forums will provide an opportunity for more people to tap into that information, free of charge. We also have many customers with years of experience in the use of renewable energy systems and their participation in the forums in helping others has been wonderful to see."
A section that has seen particularly high levels of activity is based on the subject of rebates, feed in tariffs and incentives - an often confusing subject in the Australian solar power scene.
The forums have already started expanding into other areas says Mr. Sylvester. "We noticed quite a few members who have a keen interest in electric cars and alternate fuel vehicles, so we're adding categories to cater to those interests. Additionally, some members of the community have been building earth friendly houses from alternate materials; so we'll also add areas to discuss those topics."
While the focus of the forums is on clean and renewable power generation; Energy Matters understands the greenest watt is the one that doesn't have to be generated; so an energy efficiency category has also been recently added. The company says through paying special attention to energy efficiency, people interested in solar power can greatly reduce the amount of equipment they need to power their home and therefore slash the costs in acquiring a system.
While the forums are distinctly Australian, the community is welcoming participation from around the world.
The forums can be viewed at http://forums.energymatters.com.au 
Max Sylvester
Energy Matters
PH: 1300 727 151 


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