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Solar Powered EV Charging Stations For California


by Energy Matters

EV solar powered charging stations
One of the hurdles facing pure-play electric cars is the ability to recharge them on long journeys. Another is the source of the electricity. A car being charged by electricity generated by a coal fired power station somewhat tarnishes the green street-cred of this mode of transportation. Yet another hurdle is the time it takes to recharge an EV. 
A new project in the USA seeks to help address all three issues.
US companies SolarCity and Rabobank, last week announced a partnership to construct the world’s first solar powered fast-charge electric car charging corridor between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The four charging stations will allow all-electric cars to complete the journey emission-free, courtesy of solar energy. 
SolarCity is no stranger to the technology and has installed over 2,500 EV charging stations to date, mainly for private use in connection with grid connected home solar power systems. Solar panels on the roof of a home generate DC electricity which is then converted to AC by an inverter; suitable for use in the home. The charging station is connected via the home's main circuit board. Using this method makes the electricity used to recharge the vehicle emissions-free.
The SolarCity owned and operated corridor will be built in cooperation with electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors and will provide a full charge in one-third the amount of time of other charging stations.
Of all the US states, California is widely considered the most aggressive in its support of electric vehicles. The corridor would be the first interregional effort of its kind and would be the first to include solar power at a charging station. 

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