Case Studies - Home Solar power


Video and case studies of some of what our many thousands of customers have to say about their solar power experience and Energy Matters. Electricity bills causing you heartache? Like these Australians, reduce or even wipe out your power bill by joining the rooftop solar revolution! 


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Webber family solar case study

Webber family - 2.8kW system

Installed way back in 2007, Gavin Webber's system has operated flawlessly since the day it was activated. Gavin is author of the popular sustainability blog, The Greening Of Gavin. Read more.
Ford family solar case study

Ford family - 2.1kW system

When Sharon and Noel Ford decided to install solar on their Queensland holiday home, they didn't anticipate just how great the benefits would be. Read more.
Vatis family solar case study

Vatis family - 8.4kW system

"We’re your average working family; we don’t earn enough to absorb these price rises. I went solar because I never wanted to pay another electricity bill again." Read more.
Stebbingsi family solar case study

Stebbings home - 9.87kW system

"I used money from my super to finance the system and based on the cost of electricity I no longer have to pay for and additional income earned from the feed in tariff, I am now receiving an 8.2% return on that money." Read more.
Lacynzksi family solar case study

Lacynzksi home - 1.4kW system

"It makes financial sense to make your own electricity and save a fortune. Anyone wanting to reduce their electricity bill has a choice…solar!" Read more.
Smith family solar case study

Smith home - 3.995kW system

"We were pretty pleased to get a $210 credit on our first bill, which wasn’t even for the full billing cycle .. we feed roughly a third more power into the grid than what we consume." Read more.
Commercial solar case study

Commercial solar case studies

In additional to small scale solar, Energy Matters has also performed dozens of commercial scale installations. View some of them here.




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