New York City Sets First Energy Storage Target

The Big Apple is thinking big on energy storage – 100 megawatt hours by 2020 – and Mayor Bill de Blasio has also expanded solar power targets. Late last week, Mayor de Blasio announced solar capacity in New York City had nearly quadrupled since the start of his Administration. He also announced an expansion of […]

Solar Remains A Favourite Energy Source Among Australians

A new report from The Climate Institute indicates solar power continues to be a preferred energy source  among Australians – as for coal, not so much. In fact, there’s very little love for the little black rock. Climate of the Nation 2016 includes the results of a survey of more than 2,000 Australians on their […]

Monash Uni’s Transformative Energy Initiative Gains CEFC Support

Victoria’s Government, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and Monash University are collaborating on the University’s Transformative Energy Initiative. A Letter of Interest from the CEFC to Monash University was signed on Thursday night supporting the Initiative, which will incorporate new energy technologies including battery storage and smart microgrids. “Microgrids give universities a chance to integrate […]

Nikola Zero – Solar Power Assisted Electric UTV

Farmers and off-roaders in Australia may start drooling over the recently announced Nikola Zero; but they’ll need to be cashed up. The Nikola Zero is a side-by-side four-wheel drive off-road Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) currently being developed by Nikola Motors, the same company building the Nikola One – a hydrogen powered truck. The 400 volt […]

Off-Grid Micro Solar Is Booming

This social enterprise has loosened the grip fossil fuel has on 65 million people, through the use of solar power. Now it’s cashed up and ready to do more. The enterprise is d.light, which was founded in 2006 with a goal to manufacture and distribute solar lighting and power products to the more than 2 […]

The EU’s First Tesla Powerpack Installation

The first commercial Tesla Powerpack project in the European Union is currently being installed in Somerset, UK. A Camborne Energy Storage project, the Powerpack installation will be working with a ground mounted solar PV facility capable of supplying power for more than 500 homes and will provide ancillary services to the UK’s National Grid. “The […]

Solar Ship To Cruise African Skies

Manaf Freighters has announced it will purchase four of Solar Ship’s aircraft for use in cargo delivery and disaster relief in remote areas of East and Central Africa. A solarship is more than just a blimp. It’s a hybrid aircraft that combines aerodynamic lift, aerostatic lift and solar power into a long range and very […]

Apple And Others Join RE100

Apple is among a number of influential companies to have just joined the RE100; a collaborative, global initiative of major businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity. The newly-minted member companies have made their pledges during Climate Week NYC. 93% of Apple’s global operations in 23 countries were already running on renewable power last year. “Apple […]

RayGen Awarded $1 Million Grant To Support Solar Tech

Australia’s RayGen Resources will receive more than $1 million from the Victorian Government under its New Energy Jobs Fund grants. RayGen’s specialty is Concentrated Solar PV (CSPV) technology, a system using mirrors known as heliostats focusing concentrated sunlight onto a central receiver embedded with very high efficiency  triple junction GalnP/GaAs/Ge solar cells. Two 200kW pilot […]

Tesla Chosen For World’s Largest Lithium-ion Battery Project

Tesla has been selected to provide a 20 MW/80 MWh Powerpack energy storage system at Southern California Edison’s Mira Loma substation. Tesla says that when completed, the installation will be the largest lithium ion battery storage project in the world. “When fully charged, this system will hold enough energy to power more than 2,500 households […]