4.8kW Solar Frontier System From $6,999 Fully Installed!


You'll be hard pressed to find a solar power system of this quality at such a low price elsewhere!


This package features Japanese made Solar Frontier modules - the world's most efficient mass-produced thin film solar panels, a high efficiency Aurora inverter from Power-One, super-strong Australian made SunLock framing and Energy Matters' professional accredited installation.


We have a very limited number of these systems available; so call us now on 133-SUN (133 786) - wait until tomorrow and it may be too late!


Solar Specials : Northern Territory

4.8kW Solar Frontier Special

Solar Frontier special

Solar component brands

System includes:

  • 32x Japanese-made 150W Solar Frontier Solar Panels
  • 5kW Italian-made Power-One Aurora Solar Inverter
  • Australian Designed And Made SunLock Mounting System

Est. electricity savings [1]:

  • $1,042 - $2,450 annually


System warranty


Payment Plan Deposit :
Weekly Payment: $CALL

Buy Outright From:[2]

Includes Professional Installation

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Energy Matters Solar Guarantee


Energy Matters only sells quality components, installed by trained and accredited solar professionals.


Even in the unlikely event of you experiencing a problem, you have peace of mind that our guarantee program will continue to protect your investment for many years.


Northern Territory - Solar Power Systems Guarantee


About Solar Frontier Solar Panels


Solar Frontier’s SF150-L offers the highest conversion efficiency of any mass-produced thin-film module, up to 12.2%. The modules feature the light-soaking effect unique to Solar Frontier’s CIS technology, which provides higher output than initially specified. 


Efficiency reduction of maximum power from an irradiance of 1,000 W/m2 to 200 W/m2 at 25 °C is typically 3.0%. All modules are RoHS compliant and cadmium & lead-free. Energy payback is achieved in less than a year, due to fewer production steps & raw materials. SF150-L modules are shipped in cardboard-free packaging.


  • Highest conversion rate of any mass-produced thin-film modules
  • Generates more kilowatt-hours per kilowatt peak under real conditions than crystalline
  • “Light soaking effect” boosts output after installation.
  • RoHS compliant, cadmium and lead-free


Solar Frontier CIGS modules are less sensitive to partial shading than traditional PV modules. If only part of each cell is shaded then the power output is roughly proportional to the lit (or unshaded) area of the module. This is because each cell in a CIGS module is a 5 mm wide strip that crosses the full height of the module. When the bottom e.g. 200 mm is shaded the remaining 1200 mm of each cell remain unshaded and can produce power.


If a vertical shadow falls on the module then the power drops off drastically, just as when a whole cell on a polycrystalline module is shaded. In comparison the power output of a crystalline module drops sharply when a small area is shaded, e.g. a single cell. If the bottom row of cells on a crystalline module is shaded (e.g. the bottom 200 mm) then six cells are acting as resistors and this blocks all 60 cells, effectively turning the whole module off.


About Aurora Solar Inverters


Aurora solar inverters provide outstanding performance and these units have been specifically designed for Australian conditions. The Aurora has a wide operating range, which translates to more power and more savings for you! Aurora inverters are manufactured in Italy by Power-One, the world's second largest producer of solar inverters.


About SunLock mounting systems


SunLock mounting systems are designed by Australian installers for Australian conditions. Manufactured locally, Sunlock sets the standard for the new generation of solar racking.


Also included in these packages is Energy Matters' professional, CEC accredited installation services.


*Please also note:


  • No other discounts or offers apply

  • [1] Electricity bill savings will depend on your location - contact our team for a more accurate estimate.

  • [2] Special price for full purchase sales only. System pricing valid for standard installations within 100 kilometres of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Launceston and Adelaide CBD. For non-standard installs or areas outside this range, please contact our team for pricing.

  • * For further details of the EM Performance Guarantee, please click here or call 133 SUN (133 786).


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