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Tank Full Pressure Switch System for Pumps

Tank Full Pressure Switch System for Pumps


When the tank/trough is full, the double ball valve shuts off the water flow. The pressure in the pipe will then build to the point where the pressure switch cuts off the pump. Closing the main outlet valve at the bore can test this operation.


The pressure gauge allows the user to see at what point the pressure switch cuts off. The pressure cell or accumulator tank takes the shock out of the closing of the valve, smoothing the flow and therefore preventing fittings from blowing off with the “water hammer” caused by the inertia of hundreds of meters of moving water coming to a sudden stop.
There is a garden hose clip-on outlet and tap included in the kit for washing the panels and testing flow without having to go to the other end of the pipe too see the water flow.


In a bore install, the bore cap (the blue cast iron ring) allows the pump to be hung from the pipe-fitting, not the rope or cable. Among others, this is a good reason to consider using class 12 (blue stripe) pipe only, not rural grade thin wall pipe.


Kit Includes


  • Pressure cell
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Pressure switch
  • Tap and hose fitting
  • Double-acting ball valve
  • Cast iron bore cap
  • All fittings required to make assembly


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