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2.4 kWh SMA battery backup system


Blackout proof your home!


The 2.4 kWh SMA battery backup system can provide your house or small business with up to 5 kW of backup power and 2.4kWh of energy during blackouts. By connecting the 2.4 kWh SMA battery backup system to important loads within the building such as lighting and refrigeration, you can remain unaffected during blackouts and brownouts. During moments of poor power quality or unavailability, the 2.4 kWh SMA battery backup system switches your connected lights and appliances over to battery power. 


Additionally, if you have a SMA grid connected solar power system installed, power being produced by the solar panels will continue to feed into your house - extending the length of time you can remain independent of the power grid! 


Note: Inverter brands other than SMA will still work as grid connect systems but cannot be connected to the SMA battery backup system directly. 


Battery backup system includes


  • SMA SunnyBackup inverter/charger
  • SMA AS-Box-M grid protection switch box to provide compliance with AS3877
  • 4 x Haze N70 100Ah high quality gel batteries
  • Semi-outdoor rated ventilated steel battery box fitted with fuse/disconnect switch and DC cabling required for connection 




  • Easy integration into new and existing SMA solar power systems
  • Complete kit ready for installation by electrician
  • Can provide 2.4 kWh of energy from the battery alone - more if an SMA grid connect solar power system is connected




  • IP65 - Can be installed in semi-outdoor locations (out of direct rain or sunlight)
  • Expandable (Larger battery size can be specified if required)


Efficient and powerful


  • Can provide 5kW of continuous high-quality single-phase power to your sensitive loads
  • Power Supply and battery charging over the grid
  • High PV efficiency when connected with an SMA solar power system




  • Automatic switching to backup supply in just 20 milliseconds (critical loads such as desktop computers may require a specialised UPS)
  • Independent disconnection device per DIN VDE 0126-1-1
  • 5 year warranty on inverter
  • 1 year warranty on battery and box






  • Model: 2.4kWhSBU5000kit
  • Shipping Weight: 153kg
  • Manufacturer: