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Ampair 300 12Volt Turbine Regulator

Ampair 300 12Volt Regulator


This regulator is a single input channel & single output channel combination rectifier and regulator designed for use with the Ampair 300 wind turbine. It is available in either 12V or 24V models.It uses advanced three stage pulse width modulated (PWM) temperature compensated charging.

The regulator is designed for use in yachts and similar environments. It's a heavy duty die-cast powder coated metal construction which is suitable for bulkhead mounting, with all the fixings facing forward. The enclosure lid incorporates a moulded rubber seal against moisture ingress.




No manual intervention is required. The regulator will allow the turbine to spin freely when the battery is at the charge voltage. The charge voltage is adjusted automatically depending on the charge state of the battery: the float voltage is 13.2V; the PWM absorption voltage is 13.7V; and the equalization voltage is 14.1V (double these numbers for 24V systems).


The SAE automotive fuses in the regulator are designed to protect the regulator, not the circuit. It is recommended that an additional fuse be installed externally to the regulator.


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