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Ampair100 Regulator for 12Volt Single Battery Bank

Ampair100 S-1B-12 Regulator for 12Volt Single Battery Bank System


Ampair100, Aquair100, Underwater100 or Solar


Ampair manufacture three 100 watt power charge control regulator in 12V or 24V options for protecting lead acid batteries from overcharge. They are not "shunt" type regulator, which dissipate excess charge as heat, but an electronic power switch disconnects the generator from the battery at the regulation voltage.


Model Nominal voltage Number of inputs
(Aquair, Ampair, UW or solar)
Number of outputs
(Battery banks )
Set point low voltage
Lo - volt
Set point high voltage
Hi - volt
S-1B-12 12 1 1 13.6 14.0 14.4
S-1B-24 24 1 1 27.2 28.0 28.8
S-3B-12 12 1 3 13.6 14.0 14.4
S-3B-24 24 1 3 27.2 28.0 28.8
D-1B-12 12 2 1 13.6 14.0 14.4
D-1B-24 24 2 1 27.2 28.0 28.8

Regulator S-1B & S-3B have single 100 watt input (Ampair, Aquair, UW or Solar) and 2 level sensing. Regulator type S-M1B has one output battery connection and regulator S-M3B has three output connections to serve up to three battery banks. The third regulator D-1B-12 has two 100 watt inputs( any two from Ampair, Aquair, UW or Solar) supplying a single battery bank at a fixed regulator voltage.


Ampair charge control regulators continuously monitor the battery voltage. The lower voltage "Lo" connection regulates at 0.4 volts below the high "Hi" connection is appropriate for liquid electrolyte batteries or live aboard situations "Lo" connection for gel batteries or infrequent use. The battery voltage is sensed at the regulator output connection therefore install the regulator as near the battery as practicable and keep connecting cables short. All regulator the same multi stage regulation programmed which has regulation voltage of Lo = 13.6V, Hi = 14.0V for 12 volt systems ( Lo = 27.2V, Hi = 28 V for 24 volt systems). Charging is continuo until the Lo or Hi voltage is reached, depending on the battery output used. The generator is now disconnected from the battery. Off charge, the battery voltage will fall. At a voltage of 0.5V below the regulation voltage a 30 second time delay is activated. This delay prevents the the regulator from oscillation (hunting) when charging batteries under load. After 30 second has elapsed the generator/battery connection is remade and charging continues to the regulation cut out voltage. A cycle counter counts the charges/ disconnect cycles and at the tenth cycle increases the regulation voltage for one cycle only by 0.4 volt to Lo = 14.0V or Hi = 14.4V for 12 volt systems (0.8V for 24V systems Lo = 28.0V, Hi = 28.8V). This provides an equalization charge for the battery. Subsequent cycles return to the lower settings until a further 9 cycles are completed.


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