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Apricus 30 Evacuated Tubes Retrofit Kit for Gas Or Electric Boos

Apricus 30 Evacuated Tubes Retrofit Kit for Gas Or Electric Boosted


The Apricus solar collector is a highly efficient thermal solar system, suitable for both domestic and commercial heating. The innovative technology of the Apricus solar collectors are efficient by evacuated tubes, combined with heat pipes & glass wool insulation, environmentally friendly, maintenance free, reliable, frost protected and now very affordable.


The Apricus solar collector retrofit kit heats the water in your existing hot water storage tank. If the water requires some additional heating your existing electric or gas booster heats the water to the required temperature. Because the sun does most of the work, your booster only heats water during cloudy weather, therefore saving you money through reduced electricity/gas consumption.


Apricus is reliable and maintenance free
Once installed an Apricus evacuated tube solar collector system should last as long as the roof it's on. And it's frost protected - the water manifold is wrapped in 50mm of Glass-Wool and there is no water in the tubes to freeze. There is no need for complicated anti-freeze heat exchange systems.
Once we've installed your system you should never need to touch it again. The round shape of the tubes means that wind and rain will actually keep the unit clean and functioning optimally.


Apricus is environmentally friendly
Apricus evacuated tube solar collectors not only stop you being so reliant on electricity and gas, they also look after the environment by being primarily constructed of recyclable materials. Even the packaging is recycled cardboard.


The savings Apricus brings
On average 40% of a Australian household's energy cost is for water heating. An Apricus evacuated tube solar collector system can more than halve that cost.An Apricus system can be retrofitted to your existing home, or included in the plans of your new dream house. If you were to add the extra capital required to add a solar hot water system in your new house, the additional amount of interest payment would easily be covered by the savings in energy costs.
And whether it's a new home or an existing home, you can rest assured your new Apricus will always look as good as it performs.


Retrofit Kit Comprises Following Components


  • 30 tube solar hot water collector system - includes manifold, evacuated tubes and copper heat pipes
  • Standard frame for flush mounting solar collectors to tin or tile roofs
  • Solar controller pump
  • 4 way valve
  • Miscellaneous components - rubber pads, stainless steel straps, screws, bolts etc




Technical Specifications


Product description 30 tubes collector
Overall length - 1 1980 mm
Overall height - 2 156 mm
Overall width - 3 2196 mm
Absorber area - 4 2.4 m ²
Aperture area - 5 2.82 m ²
Gross area 4.35 m ²
Gross dry weight - standard frame 94.8 kg
Standard pressure rating 800KPa or 116 psi
Fluid capacity 0.71 L
Recommended fluid flow rate 2 - 3 l/min
Collector efficiency 73 %
  1. Length of frame front track
  2. Height of frame front track + manifold
  3. Width of manifold (not including inlet/outlet ports for end port model)
  4. Absorber = Outside diameter of outer glass tube x exposed tube length
  5. Aperture = Inner diameter of outer glass tube x exposed tube length

Quality and Safety


  • Internationally certified product
  • SPF - Switzerland
  • Australian standard (AS2712, license No SMKP20405)
  • Body cote materials testing Canada Inc(for SRCC OG100 certification, USA)

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  • Model: ARET 30
  • Shipping Weight: 94.8kg
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