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Chromagen 300L Elec Boost Solar Hot Water System for 3-6 People

Chromagen 300L Electric Boost Solar Hot Water System for 3-6 People


Chromagen is a Global Leader in the solar hot water industry. Founded in 1962, we have designed and manufactured a method of solar energy absorption, transfer and storage so advanced and effective, that we can boast of having over a million satisfied customers in over 40 countries around the world.


Aesthetically pleasing design, no more tank on the roof
Chromagens split solar water heaters consist of our high performance roof mounted solar collectors, matched with our range of high quality, technologically advanced ground mounted hot water storage tanks. Available in two models, with three tank size choices and systems available for hard water and frost areas, a Chromagen split solar system will not detract from the appearance of your home.


Super Performance
The key to Chromagens legendary performance and efficiency lies in our unique solar collector design. For example, independent testing shows that a Chromagen system with only one CR120 Black Chrome solar collector, outperforms similar competitor products with two solar collectors. Such are the performance characteristics of Chromagen solar collectors, that our larger solar collection area and ultrasonically welded all copper construction and Black Chrome surface are twice as efficient as the aluminium & steel black paint collectors used by a leading competitor.


Highest Quality – Highest Performance
A range of solar water heaters are so efficient, that they attract the highest government incentives, designed to encourage Australians to utilize our abundant solar energy resource.Plus – the quality of Chromagen systems is second to none – which is why we can offer a very attractive 7 year warranty. Add these two features together – super performance and long life – and the benefits equal higher savings on running costs over a longer life cycle.




  • 7 Year Warranty with respect to Storage Tanks and Solar Collectors*

Collector Features


In satisfying the most rigid requirements of European markets, there are simply no better collectors available than Chromagen’s solar collectors. We offer the most advanced technology and superior design ensuring maximum sun absorption and efficiency that outperforms competing collectors. Quality materials and unique manufacturing techniques ensure a durable product that will pay for itself many times over. Our wide range of solar collectors allow tailored cost-effective hot water solutions for a wide variety of locations and climatic conditions. From Tasmania to the Top End, we’ve got Australia covered. The aesthetic designs, engineered for strength and optimal performance, ensure maximum benefits from the Chromagen solar system of your choice.


1. Absorber Plate Copper fins ultrasonically welded to copper risers provide excellent heat transfer and a very high absorption rate of 95% for higher efficiency and durability.


2. Absorber Plate Coating Available in black chrome or selective solar paint. All provide a superior surface designed for excellent energy absorption even in cooler climates.


3. Solar Glass - 3.2mm thick The solar glass is patterned to reduce reflection and maximize solar transmittance. It is tempered to maximize strength and durability in severe weather conditions like hail storms.


4. Extrusion Casing Available in: Aluminium Light weight with solid construction. Available in aesthetically pleasing colors.


System Technical Specifications


Collector Characteristics
Model 2 x CR-110
Gross area 4.80 m²
Net aperture area 4.40 m²
Ratio Net/Gross area 0.91
Dimensions 2190L x 218W x 90T mm
Weight 88 kg
Tank Characteristics
Description 300 Litre
Tank Width A- 690 mm
Tank Height B - 1420mm
Cold water inlet C - 300 mm
Hot Water outlet D - 1070 mm
Collector hot return E - 730 mm
Collector cold flow F - 300 mm
Weight 100 kg

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  • Model: 2xCR110-Elec
  • Shipping Weight: 188kg
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