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Folding 80Watt 24Volt Solar Panel with Reg & Wiring Kit

Energy Matters Folding Portable 80Watt 24Volt Solar Panel with Regulator & Wiring Kit


'Solar power portability, well suited to camping'
The Suntech Freedom is a portable 80watt 24volt power supply, designed to offer recreational users enormous flexibility in their power needs.The Freedom kit includes everything needed for remote 24Volt power applications - just clamp straight to your battery


Kit Comprises Following Components


  • 2 x Suntech 40Watt 12Volt Solar Module
  • 1 x Morningstar Sunsaver 24Volt 10Amp Regulator
  • 1 x Bag for safety and protection of the solar panels
  • 10m of Twin sheath cable
  • 1m of Twin sheath cable connected to Battery alligator clips
  • 4 x Anderson connectors 75A 600V plugs all fitted to Twin sheath cable
  • Alumnium stand
  • Miscellanous components

The STA040-12 is a 40 watt, 12 volt solar panel, and will provide enough power to deep cycle battery. Helps run pumps, lights, fans, and small appliances such as stereos, televisions and VCR's in caravans, boats or cabins.
The STA040-12 modules are composed of 36 multicrystalline silicon solar cells of similar performance, interconnected in series to obtain the 12 volt output.


Morningstar's SunSaver is the world's leading small solar controller for both professional and consumer applications.
The SunSaver’s advanced design delivers outstanding performance and value. The SunSaver’s low cost is made possible by Morningstar’s unique approach to design and manufacturing.




  • 12 Months full product warranty
  • Suntech Solar Module 25 Years Limited Warranty on Power Output
  • Morningstar 5 Year Warranty Period

Suntech Solar Module design Features


  • 36 high-efficiency Suntech Power Silicon Solar Cells
  • More power in peak hours through Suntech Power Cells
  • Optimized module performance with Nominal Voltage 12 V DC
  • Bypass diodes to avoid hot-spot effect
  • Cells are embedded in a sheet of TPT and EVA
  • 3.2 mm high transmissive low-iron, tempered glass
  • Unique esthetic appearance of cells
  • Attractive, stable,heavy duty anodized aluminum frames with convenient mounting-access, for high wind-pressure and snow-load
  • The backside frames are equipped with drainage holes. So we eliminate the risk that rain or snow water may accumulate in the frame lumen and freeze or even bend the frame in cold season
  • Pre-cabled with fast-connecting systems
  • Customer-desired packing

Suntech Solar Module Technical Specifications


Electrical Characteristics
Maximum power at STC - Pmax 80 W
Open circuit voltage - Voc 43.2 V
Optimum operating voltage - Vmp 34.4 V
Short circuit current - Isc

2.5 A


Optimum operating current - Imp 2.33 A
Operating temperature - 40 °C to + 85°C
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions Operating 1074 x 665 x 30 mm
Storarge 537 x 665 x 65 mm
Weight 9.0 kg

Morningstar Sunsaver 10A Regulator Features


  • 100% solid state
  • Series design (not shunt)
  • True 0 to 100% PWM duty cycle
  • Set point accuracy to 35 mV
  • Rated for 25% overloads
  • Fully encapsulated in epoxy potting
  • Marine rated terminals / anodized case
  • Temperature compensation
  • Sealed / Flooded battery select
  • No need to derate
  • Parallel for 40 amps or more
  • Green charging / Red LVD indicators

Morningstar Sunsaver 10A Regulator Technical Specifications


Electrical Characteristics
Rated Solar Input 10 A
Rated load 10 A
25 % current overload 5 mins
Regulation voltage Sealed battery 28.2 V
Flooded battery 28.8 V
Temp compensation -28 mV/ºC
Self consumption 6 to 10 mA
Operating temp -40 to +85 ºC
Mechanical Characteristics
Wire size 5.2 mm² Epoxy encapsulated
Anodized aluminum case Weight 0.23 kg

Optional Extras


  • Carry bag to protects solar panel cost $125

Downloads and Manuals


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  • Model: 2STA040-12kit
  • Shipping Weight: 9.5kg
  • Manufacturer:
    Suntech Power

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