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Fullriver 12 Volt 12 Ah Sealed Lead Acid /AGM DC Series Battery


Fullriver's AGM "DC" Series Battery has been designed specifically for frequent use. Its durable internal construction enables the DC Series to be cycled longer, without compromising price or reliability. This makes the DC12-12 battery ideal for regular camping, caravan and motor-home uses.


The difference between the "HGL" and "DC" deep cycle battery range from Fullriver::


  • 600 cycles at 75% Depth of Discharge ("DC" range) vs. approx. 350 cycles at 75% Depth of Discharge ("HGL" range)
  • Extra Heavy Duty Grids
  • Higher Power Density
  • Deep Discharge Recovery


Deep-cycle batteries typically feature thick plates with a high-density active material. The thick battery plates allow for reserve energy to be stored deep within the battery plate and released during slow discharge such as trolling or electronic instrument use. The high-density active material remains within the batteries' plate/grid structure longer, resisting the normal degradation found in cycling conditions. They are typically used where the battery is discharged to great extent and then recharged.


Deep cycle refers to applications that typically discharge 60 to 70% or more of the battery capacity. An automotive battery is an SLI battery (Starting, Lighting & ignition). Its plates are designed to deliver maximum power for a short duration. Starting an engine typically discharges an SLI battery 3% or less. When an SLI battery is used in a deep cycle application or in a vehicle with heavy accessory loads, the battery life will be shortened proportionally to how deeply and frequently it is discharged.


The Fullriver DC12-12 deep cycle battery uses a different chemistry for the plates' active paste material, and a slightly stronger acid. This chemistry allows for a much longer life in deep cycle applications with only a slight reduction in maximum power output.




  • Wheelchairs
  • Golf trolley
  • Lawn mowers
  • Lights
  • Toy cars
  • Sprayers
  • Solar power
  • Robots
  • Communications
  • Electric tools
  • Pumps
  • Measuring instruments
  • AGV (Automatic guide vehicle)
  • Magnetic lifts


General Features


  • Superior Deep Cycle Design
  • High Power Density
  • Thick Plates and High-density
  • Active Material




  • 12 months for normal power system operation
  • 6 months for traction and industrial application




Nominal Voltage 12V
Rated Capacity (20 hour rate) 12AH
Dimension Total Height (with terminals) 101mm(3.98inches)
Height 95mm(3.74inches)
Length 151mm(5.94inches)
Width 99mm(3.90 inches)
Weight Approx.4.20kg (9.26Ibs)




Capacity 77F(25C) 20 hour rate (600mA) 12AH
10 hour rate (1.12A) 11.2AH
5 hour rate (2.04A) 10.2AH
1hour rate (7.2A) 7.2AH
15 min rate (21A) 5.25AH
Internal Resistance Full charged 77F(25C) 14mΩ
Capacity affected by Temperature (20 hour rate) 104F(40C) 102%
77F(25C) 100%
32F(0C) 85%
5F(-15C) 65%
Self-Discharge 77F(25C) Capacity after 3 month storage 91%
Capacity after 6 month storage 82%
Capacity after 12 month storage 64%
Max. Discharge Current 77F(25C) 180A (5s)
Terminal Standard F1
Optional F2
Charging (Constant Voltage) Cycle Initial Charging Current 2.4A Or Small 14.5V~14.9V/77F(25C)
Float 13.6V~13.8V/77F(25C)






  • Model: DC12-12
  • Shipping Weight: 4kg
  • Manufacturer: