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HATZ 48Volt 60Amp RAPS Diesel Powered Battery Charger




The 48V 60A RAPS Outback Battery Charger is the fastest possible way to recharge batteries in remote power applications such as remote communications, commercial power or domestic housing.


This charging set is a must to any company with service contracts or with the need for 100% up time of a power system. Solar powered sites are largely dependant on weather and it is not always easy to budget for shortfalls in power supply requirements. Christie Engineering now provides a simple cure. Totally self contained unit with simple installation requirements.




  • This charging set is designed for 48V radio communications, mining, commercial or domestic battery installations where there may be a shortfall in power system design or for companies with maintenance contracts that may require emergency charging of +/- 48V battery banks due to equipment failure or solar shortfalls.



  • Environmentally friendly Hatz direct injected diesel.
  • Automatic decompression for easy starting.
  • Leece-Neville heavy duty 90Amp alternator.
  • User serviceable parts.
  • Available to be permanently mounted or portable.
  • Directly driven alternator with custom bell housing.
  • 48V-12V converter for supplying field excitation.
  • High current Leads, 3m long with alligator clamps.
  • Electric start available on request.



  • 24 Months Warranty for Motor
  • 12 Months Warranty on the battery charger component

Technical Specifications


Electrical Characteristics
Engine Hatz Diesel 1B-20 or 30
Alternator Leece-Neville 90 Amp

Max engine power


4.5Kw, 5.5 Hp at 3600rpm
Fuel capacity 4Litres
Fuel consumption Approx. ¥ Litres / hour
Oil capacity 0.9 Litres
Starting system Recoil (pull start) or Electric
Electric output 48 Volts D.C.
Max voltage 56 Volts regulated
Max amp output 60 Amps (50 Nominal)
Voltage cut out 72 Volts (MOV)
Voltage ripple < 5 % at 50A 2KHZ Resistive load
Mechanical Characteristics
Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 410 L x 275 W x 370 H mm

Quality and Safety


  • Hatz Diesel 1B-20 or 30
  • Leece-Neville 90 Amp

Downloads and Manuals



  • Model: HATZELEC48V
  • Shipping Weight: 70kg
  • Manufacturer:
    Christie Engineering