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Energetica e.Prime M HC Black AUSTRIA 350 - 370w (20 Years Warranty)

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Prosun Solar introduces Energetica’s revolutionary intelligent modules to the Australian Market.

There is no denying that Rene Battistutti, Energetica’s CEO, is one of the most creative visionaries in the Global Renewable Space. His vision is reflected in innovative solutions provided by Energetica that lead the global technology development of the solar industry into the future.

Energetica is an independent Austrian technology provider with headquarters and production facilities in Liebenfels – Carinthia, Austria. As the founder and CEO, Rene Battistutti’s mission has always been guided by the passion to shape and influence the sustainable alternative energy industry and future for next generations to come. The result of this passion is the creation of smart high-end photovoltaic solutions. The fully automated manufacturing process takes place in state-of-the-art totally green production and R&D facility according the newest 4.0 industry standard.

For more than 25 Years Energetica has produced the highest quality photovoltaic products and has pushed the Technological envelope leaving others behind as they try to catch up with advancements that are tomorrow’s future. Energetica’s motto has always been “Stay one step ahead. Reach for more. Bring the future today.”

In Rene’s passionate words his 5 principals are innovation based on climate-neutral production, ultimate performance, durability, safety and beauty.

In keeping with Innovative Design and Cutting-Edge Technological Advancement Energetica introduces to the World its Integrated Shadow Protection – the revolutionary e.ISP Technology.

This remarkable advancement will soon make its debut in Australia only with Prosun.

Prosun Solar is proud to provide, once again, to its customers products with unique added-values and to stay, as always, on the top of the latest Hi-Tech advancements by introducing to the Australian Market the game-changing technologies. This is in keeping with Prosun’s Manifesto of High-Quality products that educate and advance the Australian Renewable Space!

How is it done and why is Shadow Management equally important for rooftop, but also utility-scale projects?

Shaded cells of standard modules absorb the electrical energy that non-shaded cells generate.

This leads to a significant loss of performance, the possibility of hot spots that can cause severe damage to the module and premature failure of the modules. Partial shading is caused by many things, such as trees, buildings, clouds, antennas, snow, bird droppings, leaves, telephone or electricity poles, etc on the surface of the PV module.  Even slight shading has a dramatic impact on the performance of a solar panel. If only one cell is in the shade, the yield of a standard panel drops significantly.

If ten percent of the panel is covered, the yield can drop by up to 50 percent!

Energetica’s e.ISP technology switches off the affected cell string precisely and without loss.

This prevents the module from overheating and thus premature aging. At the same time, overheating of the junction box and a reduction in the power of other cell strings are avoided.

Tests under summer conditions showed that the temperatures in the junction boxes were on average 50°C lower due to e.ISP.

The temperature advantage is even more pronounced in warmer climates.

The bottom line is that e.ISP means for the system operator more precise shutdown in the event of shade, continuously more output, longer service life and higher yields.

And that even after 25 years of operation.


This Amazing Tech will reach our shores very soon as Prosun Solar and Energetica are gearing for an Australian release.

With our varying and unpredictable climatic conditions and severe heatwaves as we get further North, Energetica’s e.ISP modules are the right fit for our continent in securing a far more truthful and uninterrupted supply of energy compared to less technologically advanced products on the market that suffer from heat loss and potential shutdowns.

We have seen recently in the Australian Market place a silence when it comes to features such as temp. co efficiency as most products lack the technological resilience to meet the challenges of our fluctuating weather for continuous stated wattage output.

Energetica’s technology of the future copes with these challenges effectively and in the long-term providing to the end-user ease of mind and secure and reliable investment for many years to come.

You can see and find out more about the incredible Energetica range of modules and revolutionary technology as we anticipate their release to the Australian Market at Prosun Solar Virtual Booth Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition 3D Virtual 9th & 10th September 2020.

Registrations are open now to register your interest.

We invite you also to register with PV Magazine Spotlight event on 16.09.2020 which will feature the amazing Rene Battistutti as he speaks about e.ISP Technology and Energetica to the World.

For more information and Registration please visit www.pv-magazine.com/spotlights


From PV Magazine

“The new e.giant 500 Wp for utility-scale projects and e.classic 400+ Wp for rooftops from Energetica reveal their special features: a half-cell module design that doesn’t need a bypass diode. Instead, Energetica introduces a patented intelligent electronic control system, called e.ISP, integrated in the module. It switches off the cell string when shaded, without overheating the individual solar cells or the junction box, which is the case in standard modules. “In a test with completely shaded modules, Energetica’s solution measures 50 degrees Celsius less than a module with Schottky bypass diode”, says Rene Battistutti, founder and CEO of Energetica Industries.

In this Spotlight, we will not only learn how the e.ISP technology works in comparison to the traditional solution; but we will also be introduced to other innovations, like the new, also patented, frame design, which allows the stacking of PV modules without the use of corner packs and cardboard boxes. Biodegradable foils, made of corn starch, are used for wrapping, reducing the packaging waste to the minimum. All modules are produced in a climate-neutral manner in Austria showing that Energetica goes an extra mile to protect the environment.”


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