Powerpal Smart Energy Monitor - See Your Power Usage in Real Time and Save Money AUSTRALIA (Wholesale)

  • SAVE ON YOUR ENERGY BILLS: Powerpal saves you energy and money by providing insight into your home’s energy use and activity.
  • SEE YOUR POWER: Wouldn’t it be great to know how much it costs to run your air conditioning? Or the heater? Or the lights the kids are constantly leaving on upstairs? With Powerpal you can instantly see how your energy use changes when you turn on and off your home appliances so you can take control of how you use energy in your home.
  • AVOID SURPRISE BILLS: With Powerpal you’ll always know how much you’re spending in real time and see how you’re tracking against your budget. You’ll receive alerts to tell you if you’re on target and get some tips to get back on track if you’re not.
  • 2 MINUTE INSTALLATION: Powerpal is incredibly easy to self-install and only takes two minutes to connect to your electricity meter.
  • AUSTRALIAN DESIGNED: Powerpal is designed for Australian homes. The discreet palm sized device connects your smart meter to your smart phone and understands your electricity plan.


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