Recom Jaguar Series - France 340 to 440W (15 Years Warranty) (Engineered in Europe)

European Tier 1 Giant Recom signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Australia’s Prosun Solar

Recom, the only European Tier 1 Manufacturer is set to be represented by Australia’s Premier Distribution Company Prosun Solar.

Recom is the only European Solar Manufacturing Company to be listed as Tier 1 On Bloomberg.

Since the birth of Recom in 2007 visionary owner and CEO Hamlet Tunyan has built the Company into a Global Giant with an emphasis on Technological Quality.

The European Leader has its own Manufacturing Facilities in Lannion France and has achieved International presence via its IPP Enterprises and Utility Scale Projects.

Recom can boast Large Scale Projects in Europe, North America and Asia and will now be represented in Australia by Prosun Solar.

“I am happy to have established a Partnership between Recom and Prosun. 

Our joint work will serve the Solar and Renewable Industry well by making Recom’s High Efficiency and Top Quality Bloomberg Tier 1 Solar Modules available and affordable through Prosun’s extensive Distribution Network in the Australian Market and beyond.” proclaimed Recom CEO Hamlet Tunyan

“We are thrilled to be associated and Partner with such a Prestigious Company!” exclaimed Prosun CEO M. Tahir. 

“Recom will elevate our Catalogue to New Heights and will allow us to finally give Australians the opportunity to have one more choice of superior Quality in a Market saturated by sub-standard Products”

“Prosun is a reputable presence in the Solar Milieu and we at Recom are pleased to partner with them to serve together the growing Global Pool of Solar clientele” Recom CEO Hamlet Tunyan declared.

Recom’s Jaguar Series not only boasts incredibly good looks but has an amazing Pmax Temperature Coefficient of only -0.295% ; a number hardly seen in any New Module which is perfect in Australia’s Continental fluctuating Temperatures.

The Sillia Range is Manufactured by Recom at their own Manufacturing Plant in Northern France. 

Recom acquired the Bosch PV Plant in 2017, a testament to their Global Influence and Growth. The New Plant is known as Recom – Sillia.

Recom is also set to expand its European Production with a New State of the Art Facility in Belarus. The Minsk Plant will see 300 MW annual capacity with an emphasis on High Efficiency Bi Facial and Half Cut PV Modules.

Recom’s Global influence is not just restricted to the Manufacture of High Quality Panels.

Recently the Company has successfully completed the Installation of 4.07 MW Solar Field in New York State USA. 

The Project which totals 28 MW once completed, has seen Recom transform a Brownfield Petroleum Tank Farm and Refinery operated by ExxonMobil, into a Solar Field which will benefit the Local Community. 

The 25 Year PPA sees Recom with an ownership of 75% of the Project in Partnership with BQ Energy.

Recom’s expansion into Large Scale Utilities has seen them reach all Corners of the Globe from Central to North America, Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Recom’s belief to advocate a commitment to Eco-friendly concerns and the Promotion of Solar Power for Cleaner and Affordable Energy aligns very much with Prosun’s Manifesto of a Greener World through Practical Projects and Education however using and Promoting the Finest Quality Products.

“We have always been supporters of a Clean Planet and have always insisted on the latest Technology with Products of the highest Quality. Recom Products are exactly that!” announced John K Brand Ambassador of Prosun Solar.

Australia has recently seen a Solar Price War in which Products have been undermined as Distributors and Retailers scramble for a slice of the Renewable Market masking the quality of Goods they represent.

These decisions will obviously see problems in the Future as the longevity and durability of the products will be compromised in time.

Warranty issues will surely arise!

Recom’s introduction to the Australian Market is set to provide High Quality Modules exposing the naïve uneducated choices by the general public as they are misled by unscrupulous Sales Agents and unconscionable Companies by allowing a comparison of products available at the moment which temp the Australian adopter only via Price.

Prosun is set to introduce the Recom Range with a Marketing Campaign that will emphasise an Educated Approach so Australians can make an informed choice and feel safe and secure that their decision is one of Quality and High Standard.

Prosun Solar intends to Market Recom in Australia via a selection of high quality Distributors via a Dealership Network.

These products will only be available to a Dealership and or Distributor that have and show the same high standards and values that Prosun and Recom insist upon. 

Each Dealership will have exclusivity in their chosen Geographic Area and will be supported by Prosun and Recom Europe. A selection process will ensue.

Please show your interest in the Recom Range and or the Dealership Program by contacting Prosun on 1300prosun or visit


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