Tongwei Solar – TW CHINA 330 MWP-60-H Mono (15 Years Warranty)

330W Mono PERC (15 Years Warranty)

World’s Largest Solar Cell Manufacturer Tongwei and Australia’s Leading Distributor Prosun Solar sign exclusive Distribution Agreement

Tongwei is the Largest Solar Company that no one has ever heard of!

Tongwei is the Largest Solar Cell Manufacturer in the World supplying Solar Cells for all or most of the Leading Tier 1 Global Brands and now Tongwei or TW has started to manufacture its own Solar modules.

TW has been supplying Solar Cells for Prominent Global brands such as Longi, Jinko, Canadian, Trina, Risen, Seraphim, GCL, REC and Q Cells to name a few.

Prosun Solar Australia is proud to partner, represent and distribute such a Prestigious Global Giant to the Australain Market Place.

Prosun has gained a reputation of taking unknown Brands to the heights of becoming Household Names within the Renewable Space.

“That is what we do!” proclaimed Mr. Tahir CEO of Prosun Australia.

“We select Companies and their Products that are in line with our Values – Quality Products, Established Global Organisations with a Advanced Technological Knowledge that impacts the Future in a Positive way!”

This is an obvious and smart move by Prosun – to adopt and Partner with Tongwei as they supply and Develop Solar Cells to all Leading Photovoltaic Brands in Australia.

Tongwei, a 30 Year Old Company has a Manufacturing capacity of 30 GW Solar Cells and 3 GW of Solar Modules.

By 2023 the capacity will increase to100 GW.

A Specialist in Solar Cell Manufacturing the vertically intergraded Company has more than 40,000 employees involved in the Production of Pure Silicon into high quality Solar Cells, R & D and the Manufacture of Core Solar Components.

TW processes more  80,000 Tons of Silicon to Produce more than 30 GW of Crystalline which amounts to more than 12% of Global Market Share.

In fact the Tongwei Meishan Plant created a World Record of the largest capacity of 7.5GW of crystalline silicon solar cell within single workshop!

The Plant has adopted unmanned Intelligent Manufacture, Automated Production Lines to develop Perc, Perc+, Topcon N Type and HJT Cells.

Tongwei claims 207 Patents and 31 Software Copyrights.

As a Global Leader in Solar Cell Manufacturing, Prosun feel it imperative that TW are represented in a Golden Light in the Australian Market Place with the respect they deserve.

Prosun take an Educational Promotional angle giving the buying Public true facts that allow them to make an informed decision.

“It is important to Educate the Buying Public that the Systems they have adopted have Solar Cells Manufactured and developed by TW” a statement made by William Teh, Prosun Australia National Sales Manager.

Prosun are confident that TW will have an immense impact on the Australian Market knowing that they supply the most vital component of a Module to the most favoured Brands in the Solar Arena.

“Most Distributors and Wholesalers do not see the value in Publicising the Manufacturing Companies and Products they adopt.

They simply place the Product on shelf!” John K Prosun Australia Brand Ambassador added.

“Choosing the right Distributor is most important.

This can have long term implications on the longevity and image of a Solar product.

At Prosun we believe and are known for adding value to all products we represent.

In many cases the reputation of some Quality Solar Products have been ruined and devalued as Distributors engage in a Price War.

Perception is most important!”

Launching Tongwei in Australia has positive implications on the buying Public.

In an insecure Market Place where the source of the Quality of Cells is unknown, the end user now has the opportunity to adopt with confidence genuine Modules with Original Solar Cells developed by Tongwei with the highest quality Raw Materials.

This will create a New Confidence that is needed in our Industry as too many brands have hidden their true quality around On Line Promotional Statements that do not reflect the true Quality of what they are Endorsing.

Price Point seems to be an overriding factor over Quality with an undisputable aim to mislead the general buying Public!

Tongwei will alter the face of this insecurity when Customers understand that the true Birth of a Module comes from its Heart – The Solar Cell!

Prosun Solar Australia will be launching the Tongwei Solar Module in July 2020.

For interested parties please contact Prosun Solar on 1300prosun, or visit


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