Wasserstein 0.5 Watt Solar Charger Mount Compatible with Ring Video Doorbell 2, Weatherproof (Black)

  • ✔ FORM & FUNCTION – Avoid the hassle of changing your battery by charging your Ring Video Doorbell 2 with our solar charger. Simply connect the fork connector to the screws on the back of the doorbell and you are ready to go. Our uniquely designed solar charger takes away the need to deal with complex wiring and battery swaps.
  • ✔ NO MORE BATTERY CHANGES – Batteries usually need to be replaced every two to three weeks. Our solar charger, when installed in direct sunlight, can significantly prolong the battery life or even eliminate battery changes entirely.
  • ✔ PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS – The charging speed with direct sunlight is approximately 4% every 5 hours and in partial sunlight, it is approximately 2% every 5 hours. Dimensions: 6.7in x 4.83in x 0.79in. The solar charger is weather resistant and it has a fork connector.
  • ✔ FOR THE SAVVY RING USER – Instead of spending time on recharging or replacing batteries regularly, extend the battery life of your doorbell, save on electricity, and fight climate change.
  • ✔ WASSERSTEIN 3 MONTHS WARRANTY – If our products fail to meet your expectations, please get in touch and we will try to resolve the issue. If we can’t resolve it, you will get a full refund or replacement – no questions asked.