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Oase Nautilus 12V / 24V 720 Litres/hour Solar Pond Pump

Oase Nautilus 70 Solar Pond Pump With a Fountain Hose Connection


  • Maximum flow rate of 720 litres/hour
  • Maximum pumping head of 2.0 meters
  • Rated voltage 12V to 24V DC
  • Power usage 8 Watts

The Oase Nautilus Solar pump kit is available in two sizes. The OASE brand has guaranteed quality for decades. Founded in 1949, and is considered the market leader in pond and fountain technology.


The Oase pump has a flow rate of 720 Litres per hour. This pumps will operate either a small waterfall or a fountain nozzle. 1/2" spray nozzles are available.


Using the sun represents the environmentally friendly alternative. Sunlight as an energy source enables operation at zero running costs through the use of solar energy. Independent of mains electricity supply, once connected to a solar panel these pumps work wherever there is sunlight.




  • Waterfalls
  • Streams and fountains



  • German quality
  • Cost-free running from solar energy
  • Pumping from dawn to dusk
  • The ecological alternative
  • Choice of solar panels
  • Submersible or In-line (dry mounted)
  • High-powered Nautilus type solar fountain pump
  • Extremely robust special plug for connecting to the SOLARSAFE storage and control unit, or to one of the new OASE solar modules



  • 5 Years warranty

Technical Specifications


Rated voltage 12 -24 Volt
Power consumption 8 W
Maximum flow rate 720 liters/hour
Maximum head 2.0 m
No of nozzles supplied 3
Power cord length 5 m
Flow adjustment Yes
Installation type Wet & Dry
Dimensions 213 x 128 x 128 mm

Flow Rate At Different Pumping Heights -Litres/hour


Sun Condition Voltage Required @ 0m @0.5m @0.75m @1.0m @1.5m @2.0m Head/Shut Off
Low 12V 450 120 0 -- -- -- 0.5 m
Medium 18V 600 360 300 120 0 -- 1.4 m
Full 24V 720 600 450 360 150 0 2.0 m


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