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Proven 2.5 48Volt 2500Watt Wind Turbine with 6.5m Tower Kit

Proven 2.5 48Volt 2500Watt Wind Turbine with 6.5m Tower Kit


Proven Energy turbines are robust, reliable and elegant producing energy under the harshest of conditions.  
Proven Energy Flexible Blade System enables the wind turbine to generate power in light or strong winds. Proven Energy produces a series of 3 wind turbines, each designed to offer sustainable energy solutions across a wide range of industry sectors, from domestic to off-shore.


Proven 2.5


The Proven 2.5 produces 2.5kW of electricity. This can meet the power needs of a standard three-bedroom home, excluding heating. Any excess energy production can be stored or exported to the grid, depending on local regulations.  The turbine is approximately the same size as a standard telegraph pole.


The robust Proven 2.5 can be used to power small lighting systems in commercial premises. The Proven 2.5EX is widely used on off-shore oil platforms, as it is the only turbine in the world that is totally explosion-proof. 


Generating electricity from a wind turbine helps to cut down CO2 emissions and reduces climate change levy charges.




  • Proven Energy wind turbine provides 2 year warranty

Technical Specifications


Rated power output 2500 W
Voltages available 24V / 48V / 120V / 240V / 300V
Cut in 2.5 m/s
Cut out None
Survival 70 m/s
Rated 12 m/s
Battery charging 48V DC
Grid connect 230VAC 50Hz or 240VAC 60Hz
Direct heating 120 or 240VAC
Rotor type Downwind, self regulating
No of blades 3
Blade material Polypropylene
Rotor diameter 3.5 m
Generator type Brushless, Direct drive, Permanent magnet
Rectifier/Charge controller 48V, 2DC & 3 AC divert loads
Rated RPM 300 rpm
Annual output 2500 to 5000 KWh*
Head weight 190 kg
Monopole tower type Tilt up, Tapered, Self supporting
Hub height 6.5 m
Tower foundations 1.6 x 1.6 x 1 m
Winch foundations 0.65 x 0.65 x 0.65 m
Tower weight 241 kg
Mechanical brake Yes
Junction box and cable kit Yes
Wooden crate 180 x 190 x 60 cm, 300 kg (turbine, control equip & blades)
Noise level 40dBA at 5m/s and 60dBA at 20m/s
Rotor thrust 5 KN
*Output range is quoted to cover typical average wind speeds(annual). Lighter wind sites with typical 4.5 m/s will produce lower end of range. Higher wind sites eg 6.5m/s average will produce upper end of range.
Please note 24V version available with lead time



Proven Energy provides the world’s only robust, low maintenance turbine. We work closely with clients in a number of key market sectors to make sure their specific electricity generation needs are met.
Proven Energy’s internationally patented turbine has undergone extensive testing under the most rigorous of climate conditions. Our market-leading installations operate successfully throughout the world.
Unlike upwind turbines, the system works with nature and not against it. It lets you get the most out of any wind speed, helping to maximize your investment.


Low Noise


A Proven Energy turbine is designed to minimize noise and maintenance. It has a direct drive generator, which operates without a gearbox. The generator load is continuously monitored to keep the blades rotating at a low speed, whilst optimizing power output.
Compared with other modern small turbines, the blade tip speed of a Proven Energy turbine is low. This means that noise is reduced substantially. All that can be heard is the swish of blades turning in the wind, which is virtually unnoticeable. But don’t just take our word for it


Low Maintenance


Proven Energy controllers are designed to run the system automatically and display power output from the turbine. The power connectors and turbine brake are easily accessible at the base of the mast.
There is no need for specialist skills. On installation you will receive an easy-to-follow user guide, which gives you all the information you need. We recommend regular maintenance checks for optimum performance.


Downloads and Manuals


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  • Model: Proven 2.5
  • Shipping Weight: 431kg
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    Proven Energy

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