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Quantum 5 x 340L Titan Compact Heat Pumps Water Heater

Quantum 5 x 340L Titan Compact Heat Pumps Water Heater

The Quantum Energy Titan 340L compact hot water heat pump is a market leading blend of performance, capacity and flexibility.

Able to operate as a stand alone 340L storage unit or manifolded together to form a self contained unit suitable for commercial and industrial applications, the 340L Quantum Titan affords designers, architects and developers alike great flexibility and design freedom.

A state of the art technology 1.7 kW compressor powers the Titan and outputs in the range of 6-8 kW are achieved from normal ambient temperature operation.

The Quantum Titans ability to deliver large volumes of 60C hot water whilst delivering true cost savings via energy usage reduction compared to traditional gas or electric units, makes it an economically viable and environmentally sound choice for all hot water needs.

Design Features and Benefits

  • Savings up to 75% on running costs
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Supplies continuous solar hot water-day and night
  • No electric booster element
  • Easy installation and no roofs panels required
  • Saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions


  • Water storage tank 5 years warranty
  • Refrigeration and electrical circuits 2 years warranty

Technical Specifications

Model 340-17ACW-134
Hot water generating rate 131 L/hour
Heating capacity 6.10 kW
Power input 1.681 kW
Typical operating Amps 15 A
Max Amps 20 A
Voltage 220-240V/50Hz/1ph
Compressor 1.68 kW Rotary
Refrigerant R134a
Max water temperature 65 C
Connections 3/4"BSP
PTR valve setting 1000 KPa
Sound level 58 dBa
Dimensions 2300H x 650 D mm
Weight 180 kg
Note: rated at 20C ambient and water heated from 20C to 60C
Note:The REC is only available for new installation or the replacement of existing electric water heaters

Hot Water Recovery Rate

Ambient Temperature Hot Water Production Rate
C Litres /hour
35 112
30 100
25 88
20 75
15 59
10 48
5 38
0 31
-5 26
-10 24

No of RECs "Renewable Energy Certificates" for an Installation per Zone over 15 Years

Model No System Description Number of RECs per Zone over 15 Years
Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
340-17ACW3-134 Quantum 3 x 340L Titan Compact Heat Pumps Water Heater 329 286 329 326
340-17ACW4-134 Quantum 4 x 340L Titan Compact Heat Pumps Water Heater 439 381 439 434
340-17ACW5-134 Quantum 5 x 340L Titan Compact Heat Pumps Water Heater 549 476 549 543


  • Quantum is an Australian owned hot water company
  • Manufacturer for Australian conditions


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  • Model: 340-17ACW5-134
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