25 years Product Guarantee & 25 years Efficiency Guarantee

Aleo provides 25 years product guarantee and 25 years efficiency guarantee. And this is very important. Performance warranty only counts if the product warranty covers the same period. When performance is affected it only makes sense that the product itself is the primary failing suspect. Aleo is certain of the finished quality panels it produces in Germany, and this is why at least 25 years of carefree investment for all of its panels is provided, without the all too common “award marketing programs”.

Aleo Leading industry warranties Include:

  • 25 years Product guarantee, with the highest quality material on your roof. Pay once policy, carefree investment for the next 25 years.
  • 25 years Efficiency guarantee, with the highest performance material on your roof. Securing more income from the first day and going for best performance guarantee worldwide.

Even more, Aleo solar proudly Offers:

  • 100% coverage of the costs related to the replacement of a defective module under guarantee, including transport and labor costs.

And this is again a straight-forward business model, since Aleo has a zero-tolerance policy to less than perfect solar modules, ensuring the end-customer has purchased a reliable product for at least 25 years.

aleo’s proof of quality:

  • Trusted to power the Australian Casey Research Station in Antarctica, the continent with the worst weather conditions on earth. Watch Video here.
  • Aleo solar panels are robust and safe, achieving the highest-pressure load globally. Pressure load: 8000 Pa – suction load: 5400 Pa. Watch Video here.
  • Aleo wins innovation prize for brand quality. Click here for more.

How &  why aleo solar panels are made to last:

aleo solar GmbH is a solid and trustworthy German company with a strong 20-year manufacturing know-how in solar modules, and an awarded pioneer.

Since 2014, aleo solar is part of the SAS Group, which is one of the top manufacturers of wafers for the semiconductor industry, suppling companies such as IBM, Intel, Samsung, Bosch, Sharp, etc.

But apart from SAS Group’s strong support, aleo solar makes sure that both: raw materials + craftmanship are of top quality. This is how aleo solar can provide the highest industry guarantees.

aleo solar takes no shortcuts in providing quality solar modules by testing way beyond what the industry specifies and then still on further voluntary testing. And this is why aleo solar can guarantee the highest industry warranties.

Visit Alemar Tradings Pty Ltd, the official partner of aleo solar GmbH in Australia, and learn more on why you can also trust the worlds’ leading German solar module manufacturer.