Australia to meet Kyoto Protocol target

An increase in renewable energy generation will ensure that Australia complies with its Kyoto Protocol target, the Federal Government has announced. The Department of Climate Change published a report revising the country’s projected greenhouse gas emissions, taking into account planned measures by the Labor government. Climate Change Minister Penny Wong said the analysis shows Australia is on track to meet its target. “The Rudd Government’s drive to ensure 20% of Australia’s electricity supply is from renewable energy by 2020 will reduce our emissions by an extra 4 million tonnes annually in the Kyoto period,” Wong said.

According to the Department of Climate Change, Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are projected to reach 599 mtCO2-e annually over the Kyoto period, up from 554 mtCO2-e in 1990. However, the data showed that the stationary energy sector will increase its output by 56% above 1990 levels, to 304 mtCO2-e. The main reason Australia keeps its emissions in check is that it has reduced its forest cover removal, thus cutting emissions from land use, land use change and forestry to 24 mtCO2-e in 2008-12, from 136 mtCO2-e in 1990.