IKEA unveils even more solar energy projects

As one of the biggest furniture players in the world, Swedish brand IKEA is yet again investing more into renewables with its solar storage development across Australia. This will see the company transform one of its superstores into the first of its kind to be 100 per cent powered by renewable energy. Currently, Australia has already seen Ikea launch the first rollout of its retail solar solutions, known as Solstråle.

Rewind back to 2019, IKEA put forward $2.8 billion across green energy projects, which saw one million solar panels installed on 370 stores and warehouses across the globe.  This also included new power contracts that allowed the label to gain substantial shares across two solar plants in the US – a combined 403 MW in capacity.

Back in the current day and age, the brand is now extending its commitment to renewables by unveiling its plans for solar across its 10 Aussie superstores. This includes the placement of solar carports, a battery storage system and the ability to feed excess generation back to the grid.


Why is IKEA so focused on renewables?

Ultimately, these moves allow IKEA to reach its two major goals in the next 10 years. It wants to slash its emissions to zero across home deliveries by 2025, as well as only utilising recyclable and renewable resources/materials and becoming a big player in combating climate change by 2030.

The company is looking to eliminate carbon emissions and generate sufficient amounts of renewable electricity on a scale that outweighs what IKEA uses annually. And it’s looking like this target will be met before 2030 comes about. Currently, IKEA already generates more renewable energy than it uses – so the future is looking promising.

Not too long ago, we reported on IKEAs move to sell solar panel solutions from its online store, which came as an expansion of its European services. This was rolled out with a partnership between the giant and Solargain – an Aussie provider. Known as Solstråle (meaning Sunbeam in Swedish), IKEA has already made history with this innovative offering.