Victorian Budget 2019/20: More financial support for solar panel and home battery installations

Victorian government ushers in big battery era with Gannawarra solar battery farm.

Tenants and solar battery customers are big winners in the 2019/20 Victorian Budget as the Andrews Government expands its $1.3 billion Solar Homes program. Eligible households can claim a rebate up to $2,225 on the cost of a rooftop solar system

From July, the expanded initiative will allow renters to access rebates for solar panels and solar battery storage systems. It will also offer interest-free loans for solar panel and battery installation.

Households can continue to access rebates for solar panels and solar hot water systems. In fact, the Solar Homes program will invest $54 million over five years in a state-wide solar roll-out.

Landlords and tenants to share solar install costs

Renters will also be able to access the rebate program if landlords and tenants agree to share solar installation costs and claim the rebate.

The Victorian budget is supporting rebates and interest-free loans for renters and solar batteries.

Victorian budge includes funding so that renters can access rebates and interest-free loans to purchase solar panels and batteries from July 1.

Renters will contribute 25 per cent through a rent levy over four years. The Victorian government and landlords will cover the rest.

The $82 million rental rebate scheme aims to support 50,000 Victorian tenants over 10 years, according to PV Magazine.

Around 770,000 households will also be assisted over the decade. Interest-free loans will allow households to access half-price solar energy systems with no up-front costs – repayable over four years.

Meanwhile, last night’s ABC News 7.30 Report revealed tens of thousands of solar panels on Victorian rooftops may be sub-standard. Be sure to get your solar quote from a provider like Energy Matters, which have Clean Energy Council accreditation.

Victorian budget includes solar battery storage rebates

The Solar Homes program is also providing $40 million to help 10,000 Victorian households install solar battery systems.

Solar batteries will attract a 50 per cent rebate up to a maximum value of $4,839 in the 2019-20 financial year. This is based on the price of a typical 11 kWh home battery system.

Victorian Government cracks down on energy retailers

The Victorian budget also includes $27.27 million funding for the Essential Services Commission. This will pay for an ‘energy cop’ tasked with prosecuting energy retailers who treat customers unfairly.

Because of increased scrutiny, civil penalties are likely to apply to retailers who wrongly disconnect customers. The Energy Fairness Plan penalty will double to $250,00.