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Sharp 90W Amorphous/Microcrystalline Thin-Film


These new thin-film solar (photovoltaic) modules with outstanding temperature characteristics are intended for commercial/industrial/grid applications.


The NA-901WP and NA-902WP are high-output models, delivering 90W of power. The adoption of an Amorphous/Microcrystalline Thin-Film Tandem Cell design, which uses stacked layers of amorphous silicon and microcrystalline silicon achieves a conversion efficiency of 8.5% (40% higher than conventional amorphous solar cells), among the industry’s highest levels for thin-film silicon-based solar cells currently in volume production.




The most outstanding feature of these new cells is the way they are produced. The silicon raw materials form a layer only about 2 µm onto a glass substrate, which is roughly 1/100th as thick as conventional polycrystalline solar cells. This uses significantly less silicon, and the process is applicable to manufacturing cells with large surface areas.


Sharp's thin-film solar (photovoltaic) modules are covered with tempered glass for increased strength and minimum reflected surface glare. The external surface appearance is an attractive black, a feature typical of thin-film solar cells. These panels can be integrated into building material and will enable development of applications with outstanding designs.




  • 20 Year limited warranty

Technical Specifications


Product name Amorphous/Microcrystalline Thin-Film Tandem Photovoltaic Modules
Model name NA-901WP
Nominal power output 90W
Conversion efficiency 8.5%
External dimensions 1,129 x 934 x 46 mm
Photo absorption spectrum Visible to infrared wavelengths
Architecture Dual-layer stacked structure
Film thickness 2 µm
Outward color Black

Quality and Safety


  • Certifications: IEC 61215
  • Sharp modules are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities


  • Model: NA-901WP
  • Shipping Weight: 22kg
  • Manufacturer: