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Siddons Solarstream Heat Pump 264 litre

Siddons Solarstream heat pump 264 litre


Solar hot water, but with no evacuated tube or flat plate collectors required! Please note: the price listed above is before any solar hot water rebates.


With the Siddons Solarstream heat pump, tests have demonstrated hot water energy savings of 75% and more!


In ambient air of 20 C, the Solarstream can heat 264 litres of water from cold up to 50 C in just over 2 hours, and 60 C in just over 3 hours using less than 4kWh of electricity (around 50 cents) and drawing just 4 amps.


Compare that with a standard electric water heater which would require quadruple the power!. For high demand situations, the Solarstream can continuously produce over a 100 litres of hot water per hour, making it an ideal choice for homes with spa baths or large soak tubs.


Siddons Solarstream water heaters will operate on off-peak and day tariff control, so your hot water is never switched off when you need it most, on those cold winter nights. Due to the low running cost and simplicity of installation, return on your investment for an average family is just 3-6 years and far less with rebates!


How the Siddons Solarstream 264 litre heat pump works


It's a very simple system. Heat from the air is absorbed into the gas within the evaporator outdoor unit, compressed to super heat and then is transferred to the water storage cylinder via the condenser coil.


With a typical heat loss of just 2 degrees Celsius in 24hrs, energy wastage is minimal, giving you more hot water for longer. The stainless steel cylinder eliminates the need for a sacrificial anode and the risk of rust or other contaminants, creating cleaner, fresher and longer lasting hot water. Backing up this quality is a ten year water cylinder warranty.


The heat pump advantage


The Siddons Solarstream offers considerable advantages over flat plate and evacuated tube solar hot water systems:


  • Approximately 50% cheaper to install
  • No collectors on the roof
  • Exposure to the sun not needed as it draws heat from the air
  • Fully insulated and corrosion resistant storage tank
  • No electric booster element needed
  • Works efficiently during the night and on cloudy days


Siddons heat pump vs solar panels


Siddons Solarstream 264 litre heat pump unit - features


  • Only 1400 watts power consumption
  • Quiet operation
  • Uses R417A refrigerant - environment and greenhouse emissions friendly
  • Extra large evaporator coil area
  • Top quality energy efficient Toshiba compressor
  • Outdoor, weather resistant construction
  • Safety cutout protection
  • Easy installation
  • De-icing feature for very cold weather
  • Compressor cooling for very hot weather


Siddons Solarstream 264 litre Hot Water Cylinder - features


  • Mains pressure rated
  • 316 marine grade stainless steel water cylinder
  • Fully insulated - high density foam core
  • Enclosed in robust moulded polymeric outer casing
  • Safety pressure & temperature relief valve
  • IP rated, water proof connection covers
  • 10 Year Warranty on water cylinder
  • Weighs just 73Kg empty


The two separate parts have been designed to optimise every performance aspect together with easy installation and flexibility. You can install the water cylinder inside and the heat pump outside - up to nine metres apart.


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