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Kelvinator is part of the Electrolux Group, one of the world's largest producers of domestic appliances.


Many Australians would be familiar with the Kelvinator name; mainly in relation to refrigerators. With more than 90 years experience in refrigeration technology, Kelvinator has leveraged its very relevant expertise to design hot water heat pumps to significantly reduce water heating energy consumption.



Kelvinator's hot water heat pump solution is the EcoKnight.


Able to function in temperatures as low as -7C, the Kelvinator EcoKnight also features a Power Boost button, which diverts power from the heat pump mechanism to a 5kW heating element to speed up the water heating process when required.


The EcoKnight is designed to work in Off-Peak 2 Tariff, helping to further slash electricity bills.

A split system design for outdoor installation, the EcoKnight is available in 2 tank sizes - 270 litres and 340 litres. The heat pump unit can be installed up to 5 metres away from the tank and the tank can be installed inside.


The hot water storage tank is covered by a 5 year warranty, the heat pump itself a 2 year warranty and all other parts have 1 year warranty coverage. 


The EcoKnight uses a rotary compressor and has an operational noise level rating of 55dB.


Designed to achieve maximum efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it maintains the water inside the storage tank between 47°C and 60°C; the higher temperature being achieved once a week as a safeguard against Legionella bacteria.


A sacrificial anode installed in the storage tank is designed to protect the vitreous enamel coated steel tank from corrosion.


Like other hot water heat pumps, the Kelvinator EcoKnight is eligible for attractive government incentives.



Product Image Item Name-
Kelvinator EcoKnight 270 Litre Heat Pump

Kelvinator EcoKnight 270 Litre Heat Pump

Kelvinator EcoKnight 270 Heat Pump   The EcoKnight 270 litre heat pump system (KHPE270362A) is...
Kelvinator EcoKnight 340 Litre Heat Pump

Kelvinator EcoKnight 340 Litre Heat Pump

A split system design, the EcoKnight 340 litre heat pump unit can be installed up to 5m away from...