Since it was established in 1920, Rinnai's focus has been primarily on heating and cooking related appliances. In 1971, it acquired Parkinson Cowan Australia and changed the name of that company to Rinnai Australia Pty., Ltd. 


Rinnai hot water heat pump


Rinnai's HOTFLO heat pump hot water storage systems are available in two configurations - the 265 litre split system (RINEHP32/HPST265 HOTFLO) and the 260 litre integrated system (RIN250EHP HOTFLO).


Rinnai states its HOTFLO heat pumps offer an energy consumption profile similar to that of solar hot water systems and can generate approximately 700 litres of piping hot water a day, assuming continuous tariff with 15C inlet water and 20C ambient air temperature at 40% humidity.


Under normal operating conditions, a Rinnai HOTFLO heat pump will consume around 66% less electricity than a typical equivalent electric hot water system.


As with other efficient heat pumps, generous government incentives are available with Rinnai systems. Rinnai heat pumps make an excellent choice in installation situations where a rooftop solar hot water system is not viable or desirable.


Product Image Item Name-
Rinnai 260L Integrated Heat Pump

Rinnai 260L Integrated Heat Pump

Rinnai RIN250EHP Integrated Heat Pump    Simple to install and compact, the Rinnai 260...
Rinnai 265L Split Heat Pump

Rinnai 265L Split Heat Pump

Rinnai RINEHP32/HPST265 Split Heat Pump   This Rinnai 265 litre split heat pump system uses...