Solar Power In Pallamallawa, NSW, 2399

Energy Matters installs quality solar panels and battery systems in New South Wales, including Pallamallawa (postcode: 2399) and the Moree - Narrabri region - we have a large network of accredited solar installers throughout NSW.

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Installing solar in Pallamallawa
New South Wales, 2399

The following details estimate output for systems installed in Pallamallawa , plus other useful solar power related information and statistics relevant to the Moree - Narrabri region. For expert advice on a system to suit your needs, including battery storage options, call our friendly New South Wales team on 133-SUN.

Pallamallawa's solar energy resources

On average, Pallamallawa receives solar irradiation levels of around 5.23 kilowatt hours per square metre daily. Ideally, solar panels installed in Pallamallawa should face a Northerly direction. Acceptable panel angle range is 14° to 24° and the optimal angle is 19°. On typical rooftop PV installations, actual installation angle will be determined by roof inclination.

Pallamallawa solar panel system specials

Solar installations in Pallamallawa, NSW, 2399

There are 60 solar PV installations in Pallamallawa's postcode, 2399, totaling 459.05 kW of capacity. The 2399 postcode accounts for 0.004% of all the solar installations in Australia.

The map below shows installations Energy Matters and its parent company has performed in the Pallamallawa area.

solar power installations in Pallamallawa

The average system size in Pallamallawa is 7.65kW and the Australian average is 3.15kW.

System owners in Pallamallawa's postcode area are generating an average of 2401 kWh daily, saving them collectively approximately $21607 monthly and $262891 annually**. The electricity produced by arrays in the 2399 postcode is enough to fully power 128 Australian homes.

Pallamallawa solar carbon offset

System owners in Pallamallawa's postcode are collectively avoiding 876 tonnes (coal fired power) or 351 tonnes (gas fired power) of carbon emissions each year; the equivalent of taking 126 - 315 cars off Pallamallawa's roads.

Pallamallawa solar specials

Pallamallawa, New South Wales regional boundaries

Other related Pallamallawa information

Pallamallawa's coordinates are -29.475108,150.136975 and its weather station is located at Moree. Moree weather station reports the following average readings:

  • Solar irradiation in Pallamallawa: 5.23 kWh/sq m/day
  • Wind speed: 3.57 m/s
  • Air pressure: 98.23 kPa
  • Humidity: 58.68%
  • Air temperature: 18.93 degrees C
  • Earth temperature:21.61 degrees C

** Notes on system performance in Pallamallawa

Figures above are approximations only - e.g., the retail value of electricity for Pallamallawa households is based on 30c per kilowatt hour.

Considering buying solar panels?

We have accredited installers servicing Pallamallawa and the Moree - Narrabri region. For more NSW solar power information, request a quick solar quote, view our current specials on fully installed solar power systems in New South Wales or call our Pallamallawa hotline on 133 SUN.

Home Battery Systems In Pallamallawa

Join Pallamallawa's energy storage revolution! We supply and install home battery storage and battery-ready solar panel systems in Pallamallawa and the Moree - Narrabri region. Call our New South Wales team on 133-SUN for more information.