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    Discuss your solar quote If you wish to proceed, you can discuss your installation needs with our friendly Australian team or pay a deposit to secure the low price for your installation.

Energy Matters removes barriers to Australians wanting to go solar through providing:

  • - Superior quality solar panel systems at affordable prices
  • - Solid guarantees on components and installation
  • - Superb pre-sales and after-sales customer care

Join more than 20,000 Australian households slashing their electricity bills with a top quality solar power system from us - start getting ready to save on your energy costs today!

Your details will be submitted via a secure & encrypted connection. Our free solar power quotes don't obligate you to purchase a solar panel system, but you can choose to buy after the quoting process if you wish to proceed by purchasing via phone, EFT or cheque.

As well as a full listing of components, your solar quote will estimate your chosen system's electricity generation and provide information on environmental benefits. You'll also begin receiving our popular newsletter via email containing our latest solar news & discount offers.


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Town/Suburb: Choosing the correct town will load the historical climate data so you can see how much power your system will produce. If your town is not on the list, choose the closest town, or contact us to add your town to the list.
How many storeys is your house?: Additional costs may be incurred if your installation is on a roof above 2 storeys high as this will require a scissor lift for the installation. You will be informed by your install coordinator prior to installation of any additional costs if applicable.
What is the angle of your roof?: A north facing pitched roof is ideal. East or west facing roofs will also work, but we will not install on south facing roofs. Flat roofs require additional framing to pitch the panels at the optimum angle.
Pitched Flat
Roof type: Tin and tile roofs are easily installed using our custom SunLock mounting brackets. Slate or pressed metal roof types are unfortunately not conducive to solar installations.
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Energy Matters solar installs near you

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* Estimated annual electricity bill savings figures assume 50% - 100% of electricity generated by the system is consumed within the premises. Figures are estimates only and are not guaranteed. Each customer's site requires its own assessment and a customer's actual savings, electricity production and consumption will depend on their actual individual circumstances (which may vary over time) and are likely to be different to any figures shown.