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Soma 400Watt, 108-120Volt Wind Turbine

Soma 400Watt, 108-120Volt Wind Turbine




Enough power for lights, radio, television, fan, water pump, kitchen appliances, microwave oven, washing machine, high efficiency DC refrigeration, power tools and more, depending on the average wind speed. The ideal source of power for telecommunications and scientific equipment.


Rugged Durability Soma wind turbines have been manufactured since 1978. The company has a design philosophy of mechanical simplicity and rugged durability. All components are made from the highest quality materials to withstand long-term wear and fatigue. Corrosion protection is a high priority. The blades are constructed using a hollow moulded fiberglass technique that is unique to Soma turbines.


Performance Large rotor diameters ensure high efficiency in light to moderate wind speeds. The brushless, permanent magnet alternators used on all Soma machines are designed to produce a power curve that matches the output of the 2 bladed rotor while operating at optimal tip speed ratios.

Feature The tilt back action relieves pressure on the wind generator and tower in strong winds. This is a fail-safe design with mechanical simplicity. A hydraulic dampener limits the feathering action in gusty wind conditions.




  • 12 Months warranty of defects in materials and workmanship

Technical Specifications


Electrical Characteristics
Rated output 400 W
Peak output 500 W
Cut in wind speed 4 m/s
Rated wind speed 10 m/s
Max design wind speed 50 m/s
Feathering mechanism Tilt up
Rotor diameter 2 m
Number of blades 2 blades
Operating speeds 300 - 1200 rpm
Blade construction GRP
Alternator type Permanent magnet 3 phase
Voltage 12V or 24V
Controller Voltage controlled relay
Mechanical Characteristics
Shipping volume 0.15 m³
Shipping weight 40 kg

Soma 400 Wind Generators Energy Outputs


Average wind speed
Average daily output
4 1,220
5 2,327
6 3,450
7 4,510
8 5,430
9 6,200
10 6,820
Rated instantaneous output is 400W at 10m/s, peak output is 500W at 15m/s

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  • Model: soma-400-120
  • Shipping Weight: 40kg
  • Manufacturer:

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