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Suntech 70Watt 12Volt Mono Crystalline Solar Module

Suntech 70Watt 12Volt Mono Crystalline Solar Module


Suntech’s STPSb features total efficiency of 12.7% Which delivers the maximum power output at peak hours. Ideal for off-grid and remote power systems. With a 25 year warranty, the module has high efficiency and long-lasting operating time even in a variety of rigorous conditions. Unique textured cell surface and bypass diode design is critical for the module to fully utilize and absorb sunlight and offer maximum usable power per square foot of solar array.




  • 36 high-efficiency Suntech Power Silicon Solar Cells
  • More power in peak hours through Suntech Power Cells
  • Optimized module performance with Nominal Voltage 12 V DC
  • Bypass diodes to avoid hot-spot effect
  • Cells are embedded in a sheet of TPT and EVA
  • Unique esthetic appearance of cells
  • Attractive, stable,heavy duty anodized aluminum frames with convenient mounting-access, for high wind-pressure and snow-load
  • The backside frames are equipped with drainage holes. So we eliminate the risk that rain or snow water may accumulate in the frame lumen and freeze or even bend the frame in cold season
  • Pre-cabled with fast-connecting systems
  • Customer-desired packing



  • 25 years Limited Power Warranty

Technical Specifications


Electrical Characteristics
Maximum Power at STC - Pm 70 Wp
Open circuit voltage - Voc

21.0 V


Optimum operating voltage - Vmp 17.0 V
Short circuit current - Isc

4.75 A


Optimum operating current - Imp 4.12 A
Operating temperature - 40 °C to + 85°C
Maximum system voltage 1000 V DC
Mechanical Characteristics
Cell Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cell 125mm x 125mm
No. of Cells and Connections 36 (4 x 9) Cells in series
Dimensions 771 x 665 x 30 mm

6.5 kg


STC: Irradiance 100W/m², Module temperature 25ºC, AM=1.5
NOCT: Nominal Operating Cell Temperature

Quality and Safety


  • Certifications: IEC 61215, TUV class II, CE
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 standard

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  • Model: STP070S-12Bb
  • Shipping Weight: 8kg
  • Manufacturer:
    Suntech Power

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