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Suntech 85Watt 12Volt Poly-crystalline Solar Panel

Suntech 85Watt 12Volt Poly-crystalline Solar Panel- STP085-12/Bb


Suntech’s STP085-12/Bb features total efficiency of 13.1% Which delivers the maximum power output at peak hours. Ideal for off-grid and remote power systems. With a 25 year warranty, the module has high efficiency and long-lasting operating time even in a variety of rigorous conditions. Unique textured cell surface and bypass diode design is critical for the module to fully utilize and absorb sunlight and offer maximum usable power per square foot of solar array.


Features and benefits


  • High efficiency
  • MC plug type
  • Nominal 12 V DC for standard output
  • Outstanding low-light performance
  • Unique technology ensure that problems of water freezing and warping do not occur
  • Design to meet unique demand of customer
  • High transparent low-iron, tempered glass Unique techniques give the panel following features: esthetic appearance, with stands high wind-pressure and snow load, and easy installation



  • 25 Year Warranty on Power Output

Technical Specifications


Electrical Characteristics


Cell Multicrystalline silicon solar cells 125mmx125mm
No of cells and connections 36 (4x9)
Open-circuit voltage - Voc 22.2 V
Optimum operating voltage -Vmp 17.8 V
Short-circuit current - Isc 5.11 A
Optimum operating current - Imp 4.78 A
Maximum power at STC -Pmax 85 Wp
Operating temperature -40 ºC to +85ºC
Maximum system voltage 715 V DC
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions 1195 x 541 x 30 mm
Weight 8 kg
Temperature Coefficients
NOCT 48 ºC ± 2 ºC

Short circuit current temperature coefficient


0.045 % / K
Open circuit voltage temperature coefficient -0.33 % / K
Peak power temperature coefficient -0.45 % / K
Power tolerance ± 5 %
Cable LAPP(4.0mm²)
Lengths 750mm(-) and 750mm(+)
Connection MC Plug Type IV
STC: Irradiance 100W/m², Module temperature 25ºC, AM=1.5
NOCT: Nominal Operating Cell Temperature

Quality and Safety


  • Certificates by IEC, TUC and CE

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  • Model: STP085-12Bb
  • Shipping Weight: 8kg
  • Manufacturer:
    Suntech Power

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