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Suntech 2Watt 12Volt Multi Crystalline Solar Module


The STA002-12 modules are composed of 36 multicrystalline silicon solar cells of similar performance, interconnected in series to obtain the 12 Volt output and will provide enough power to trickle charge a 12V vehicle or deep cycle battery. Helps run pumps, lights, fans, and small appliances such as stereos, televisions and VCR's in caravans, boats or cabins.


Suntech 2 watt 12 volt consist of a heavy-duty anodized aluminium frame provides strength and convenient mounting access. For each 18 cells series strings, one bypass diode is installed.


Cells are laminated between high transmissivity, low-iron, 3mm tempered glass and sheet of tedlar-polyester-tedlar "TPT" material by two sheets of ethylene Vinyl acetate "EVA". This protects against moisture penetrating into the module. A versatile junction box provides flexibility of connections.




  • 36 high-efficiency Suntech Power Silicon Solar Cells
  • More power in peak hours through Suntech Power Cells
  • Optimized module performance with Nominal Voltage 12 V DC
  • Bypass diodes to avoid hot-spot effect
  • Unique esthetic appearance of cells
  • Attractive, stable,heavy duty anodized aluminum frames with convenient mounting-access, for high wind-pressure and snow-load
  • Pre-cabled with fast-connecting systems Customer-desired packing

Quality and Safety


  • Certifications: IEC 61215, TUV class II, CE
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 standard



  • 10 Years

Technical Specifications


Electrical Characteristics
Output Power 2 W
Max Power 2 W
Max Power Voltage - Vmp 16.8 V
Max Power Current - Imp 0.24 A
Open Circuit Voltage - Voc 21 V
Short Circuit Current - Isc 0.33 A
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions 220 x 150 x 20 mm
Weight 0.5 kg


  • Model: STA002-12
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5kg
  • Manufacturer:
    Suntech Power