Energy Matters believes in a zero-carbon future. As advocates for sustainable, affordable and greener energy solutions, we provide a trusted one-stop-shop resource to consumers, industry specialists, manufacturers, and environmentalists.

Whether you’re new to the world of renewable energy or an avid sustainability expert looking to keep up with the latest movements and technology – our marketplace is the perfect way to explore the industry.

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Part of our passion for the energy industry means we love sharing valuable insights and resources to those with like-minded interests. So, we’ve built a hub filled with handy information to get you started. Learn how solar energy works, the latest trends across the sector, and how the world is uniting in a zero-carbon emission front.

Causes we support

Energy Matters Foundation partners with a number of incredible causes who share the same vision of working towards a zero-carbon future. We aim to help make an impact on both energy-related projects, both domestically and overseas, as well as a range of human rights causes promoting kindness and equality. The fight against climate change and sustainability, in all forms, is a global one so we are committed to helping where we can.

Why Energy Matters?

We have been industry leaders since 2005. Energy Matters began its journey as a solar retailer and has been instrumental in key turning points in the solar industry, such as the creation of the Clean Energy Council.

No longer a solar retailer – we work with leading solar and renewables manufacturers, as well as solar retailers, to bring our customers the latest news and services. Marketplace is a space for us to connect Australians with products that we believe will have a positive impact on our future. From electric scooters to generators, solar panels to educational books…we are proud and excited to help you make positive purchases.