About Energy Matters

Energy Matters has long been a trusted Australian company dedicated to providing Australians with services, resources, and news for residential, business, and wholesale renewable energy.

The award-winning business started in 2005 as a solar retailer and installed more than 40,000 solar panel systems on homes, schools and commercial buildings. This included Australia’s largest privately funded solar photovoltaic project – a 400kW rooftop array in Melbourne.

As a founding member of the Clean Energy Council’s Approved Retailer program, Energy Matters prides itself on its long history and trusted name, one that consumers and installers know they can trust. Today, Energy Matters is using that experience and expertise to help connect consumers to trusted local installers, providing 3 high-quality solar quotes. Energy Matters provides other services, such as Energy and Utility Compare and Marketplace, to assist Australians in moving towards net zero and reducing their bills.

Solar philosophy: Jeremy Rich - founder and former Energy Matters Managing Director
Jeremy Rich - Co-founder and former Energy Matters Managing Director

How Energy Matters began

Three friends sat around a kitchen table in suburban Melbourne in 2005. One was working in solar energy, another was working in information technology and the other was in the banking/finance sector. They were all dissatisfied with their current positions and hopeful their combined strengths would lead them to something better.

From these fervent kitchen table discussions, Energy Matters was born. It functioned for its first three months as an online distribution company of solar power systems from a garage.

Where we are now

With over 150 partners in solar retail and installation around Australia, in 18 years we’ve grown into a household name. Known as a reliable source of news and resources, our name has extended to television, magazines, and more.

As industry experts, we have assisted thousands of Australians in making better and more informed decisions about solar, batteries, electric vehicles, wind, hydro, going off-grid, and so much more.

Learn more about our solar vision and philosophy and read about our staff.

Free Solar Quotes Australia

We know that reliable and trusted information is key to Australia moving to a NET zero-carbon future. Australians have adopted solar faster than any other country and that has been largely due to fantastic government incentives. Over one-third of all Aussies have rooftop solar. Encouraging the remaining two-thirds to make the switch to solar comes down to education and equipping Aussies with the tools they need to make the best decision for their needs.

Energy Matters is proud to play a vital role in our nation’s shift to renewable energy.

If you have yet to make the switch, we encourage you to read through hall of our available resources and contact us if you require any further information or assistance. We want to see all Aussie homes adopt solar and other renewable energy technology. Reducing your reliance on the electricity grid will not only help us move towards realising a future with zero carbon emissions, with Australia powered by 100% renewable energy, but also save you thousands on your bills.