LONGi Solar Panels
LONGi Solar Panels

Who is LONGi Solar?

LONGi is a leading global manufacturer of solar panels and renewable energy solutions. Established in 2000, it has become one of the world’s largest producers of monocrystalline silicon wafers, cells, and modules for solar power generation. LONGi is renowned for its high-efficiency solar products and has put a major focus on R&D to continually improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of its solar technology. The company is committed to sustainability and promoting the widespread adoption of clean energy worldwide.

LONGi’s innovation is continuously raising the bar, setting conversion efficiency world records, and staying on the leading edge of P-type TOPCON, N-type TOPCON, N-type HJT, P-type HJT and other solar technologies.

LONGi Solar shipment statistics

As a vertically integrated PV module business, LONGi is ideally placed to offer customers the best quality solar technology at reasonable prices no matter the project requirements.

LONGi’s Australian office is based in Sydney but also has sales and technical support staff located in the other main cities in the country. The Australian branch has a dedicated local team to support customers across operations, marketing, sales, technology, and large-scale project planning.

Local knowledge backed by a global technological and financial powerhouse makes LONGi Australia the best option to power your home or future solar project.

Why should you choose LONGi?

LONGi Bankability

Technology and Innovation

As a leading player in the solar technology sector, LONGi continually sets new benchmarks for performance across various application fields. Their commitment to innovation has resulted in significant advancements, culminating in some of the highest efficiency and performance ratings within the industry.

LONGi Records

LONGi understands that peace of mind for customers is essential when considering high investments like solar energy and it works hard to ensure its products comply with the highest standards and quality, and that are fully recognised and certified by technical bodies globally.

LONGi’s products deliver exceptional quality in terms of design, components, reliability and performance.  Thorough processes are involved with several testing periods to make sure LONGi’s panels withstand the worst of the weather conditions.

LONGi Certifications

The goal, making modules that perform well, are reliable, last long, and are versatile enough to be installed in most environments. LONGi’s product range count with these characteristics. The Hi-MO series cover all scenarios from small to ultra-large, with exceptional flexibility.

LONGi solar panel characteristics

LONGi’s bet for Back Contact Technology?

“Over the next 5-6 years, the BC (Back Contact) solar cells, known for their high efficiency and aesthetics are set to swiftly become the leading choice in the photovoltaic industry. With a growing market share, they are poised to be the absolute mainstream technology of crystalline silicon solar cells. Therefore, LONGi will adopt BC solar cell technology route in a substantial portion of its product portfolio.” Zhong Baoshen, Chairman of LONGi.

Imagine your solar panel without those metal lines on the front. That’s what Back Contact Technology does. It moves all the electrical stuff to the back, so your panel can soak up more sunlight and make more power.

Why should you care?

More Power: With Back Contact Technology, your solar panels can make more electricity from the same amount of sunlight. That means more savings on your energy bills and a bigger bang for your buck.

Better Looks: No more ugly metal lines on the front of your solar panels. Back Contact panels look sleek and clean, blending right into your roof or building. They’ll make your place look better while saving you money.

Tough and Reliable: Back Contact panels are built to last. They’re shielded from things like rain, dirt, and bumps, so they keep working hard for you year after year. You can count on them to power your home or business reliably for a long time.

Fits Anywhere: Whether you’re putting solar panels on your roof, in your backyard, or on a big solar farm, Back Contact Technology can handle it. It’s flexible and versatile, so it works for any setup you can imagine.

In short, LONGi’s Back Contact Technology is a smart choice for anyone who wants to save money, make their place look better, and power up their life with clean energy. It’s easy, reliable, and built to last – just like the future should be.

LONGi Solar Product Range

Hi-MO 6X

LONGi new generation HPBC cell technology opens a new chapter in the mass production of high-efficiency cells and continues to lead the reform of the industry.The efficiency of LONGi HPBC cells exceeds 25.5%.The efficiency of HPBC+ cells exceeds 25.8%.

LONGi Hi-MO X6 range represents the next generation of solar technology, offering unparalleled efficiency, durability, versatility, and sustainability. It’s more than just a solar panel – it’s a game-changer that’s shaping the future of energy.

Hi-MO X6 Explorer All-Black

High-efficiency Cells |Aesthetic Appearance|Outstanding Performance|Market-leading Reliability

LONGi Hi-MO 6 Explorer

The Hi-MO X6 Explorer All-Black is a sleek and sophisticated addition to the LONGi solar panel lineup. Here’s what sets it apart:

Stylish Design: With its all-black aesthetic, the Hi-MO X6 Explorer All-Black blends seamlessly into any rooftop or architectural setting. Say goodbye to unsightly silver frames and hello to a modern, understated look that enhances the visual appeal of your home or building.

High Efficiency: Like its counterparts in the Hi-MO X6 range, the Explorer All-Black features cutting-edge PERC cell technology, maximizing sunlight absorption and energy conversion efficiency. This means you get more power output from each panel, helping you save money on your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

LONGI Solar Hi-MO 6X installation

Durability and Reliability: Built to withstand the elements, the Hi-MO X6 Explorer All-Black is engineered with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes. It can handle harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and other environmental challenges with ease, ensuring reliable performance year after year.

Versatile Applications: Whether you’re installing solar panels on a residential rooftop or a commercial building, the Hi-MO X6 Explorer All-Black is versatile enough to meet your needs. Its flexible design and compatibility with various mounting systems make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Hi-MO X6 Scientist

Prime Efficiency| Market-leading Reliability|Upgraded Service|HPBC Pro cells

LONGi Solar Hi-MO X6 Scientist

The Hi-MO X6 Scientist is a specialised solar panel designed to meet the needs of high-power consumption houses. Here’s what makes it stand out:

Cutting-Edge Technology: Built on the foundation of the Hi-MO X6 range, the Hi-MO X6 Scientist incorporates the latest advancements in PERC cell technology. This ensures exceptional efficiency and performance, making it ideal for homes and buildings with high power consumption needs.

Precision Engineering: The Hi-MO X6 Scientist is engineered to exacting standards, with meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of its design and construction. From the selection of materials to the manufacturing processes, every element is carefully optimized to deliver maximum performance and durability.

LONGi Hi-MO X6 Installation

Rigorous Testing and Certification: Every Hi-MO X6 Scientist panel undergoes rigorous testing and certification to ensure compliance with the highest quality and performance standards. This ensures that you can rely on your solar panels to deliver accurate and consistent results, even in the most demanding environments.

By choosing LONGi’s Hi-MO X6 range, you’re not just investing in solar power – you’re making a statement about your commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. You’re harnessing the power of the sun to generate clean, renewable energy while reducing your reliance on fossil fuels.

LONGi Hi-MO X6 Product Range
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LONGi Solar on Open Homes Australia

LONGi features on Open Homes Australia, Channel 9Life’s home design show that showcases incredible homes, breathtaking designs, and fantastic renewable energy technology that provides families with an opportunity to save on their energy costs whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

LONGi showcases its exceptional solar panels in seasons 5 and 6. You can watch their segments below:

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LONGi Solar on Renovate or Rebuild

Renovate or Rebuild is an exciting new show that pits state against state! With familiar faces from The Block and Open Homes Australia, the teams pitch their renovation or rebuild designs to the homeowners and a panel of experts.

LONGi’s solar panels are not only highly recommended for renovations and rebuilds, but are also showcased on a very special build. You can watch the segments below: