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Who is LONGi Solar?

Dedicated to a greener world for future generations, LONGi Solar Australia is a world leading manufacturer of high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells and modules. The company, wholly owned by the LONGi Group, has focused on p-mono for 19 years and is today the largest supplier of mono-crystalline products in the world, with total assets above $8.91 billion (2020Q1). In 2020, LONGi shipped 24.53GW of solar modules world-wide, setting a new industry shipment record and for the first time became the undisputed leader in global solar production volumes. The company continues to break world efficiency records in R+D and is consistently supporting customer value by introducing new manufacturing technologies faster and at greater scale than it’s competitors.
The Hi MO 4 module became the best-selling domestic rooftop solar module in Q1 2021 and is popular for it’s ideal size, power rating, efficiency and price.
Longi Hi MO 4 module on rooftops around the world
Longi module shipment & capacity and wafer shipment & capacity

As an integrated PV module business, LONGi is ideally placed to offer customers the best quality solar technology at reasonable prices no matter the project requirements.

LONGi Solar Australia is based in Sydney and has a dedicated local team to support customers across operations, marketing, sales, technology, and large-scale project planning. Local knowledge backed by a global technological and financial powerhouse makes LONGi Solar Australia the best option to power your home or future solar project.

Why should you choose LONGi?

Longi solar benefits
LONGi is ranked as the only AAA-rated manufacturer in the PV ModuleTech Bankability Ratings

AAA-Rated Module Supplier

LONGi has an extensive global footprint with several long-lasting partnerships with companies in several industries that share the interest of changing the way we generate, utilise and consume energy.

Longi partnerships

Technology and Innovation

As a leading solar technology company, LONGi has set several benchmarks and raised standards of how these are to be applied for higher performance and broader application fields, achieving one of the highest efficiency and performance ratings.

Longi solar technology and innovation

LONGi understands that peace of mind for customers is essential when considering high investments like solar energy and it works hard to ensure its products comply with the highest standards and quality, and that are fully recognised and certified by technical bodies globally.

LONGi’s products deliver exceptional quality in terms of design, components, reliability and performance.  Thorough processes are involved with several testing periods to make sure LONGi’s panels withstand the worst of the weather conditions.

LONGi product quality, eficiency and performance results

The goal, making modules that perform well, are reliable, last long, and are versatile enough to be installed in most environments. LONGi’s product range count with these characteristics. The Hi-MO series cover all scenarios from small to ultra-large, with exceptional flexibility.

LONGi solar panel characteristics

LONGI Solar Product Range

Hi-MO 4

Higher Power, Lower LCOE

LONGi Hi-MO 4 series products are monocrystalline bifacial modules using the new M6 (166mm) silicon wafer that delivers the highest power in the modules. LONGi’s advanced R&D technology led the upgrade of silicon wafer size from M2 to M6, and ushers in the era of the 166mm standard. LONGi M6 silicon wafer technology enhances the power of the modules, with front side power up to 450W. The results are BOS savings and the lowest LCOE for the photovoltaic project.

Leading the Era of M6 Standard

  • Backside power generation gain
  • Good electrical performance under shaded conditions
  • Resistant to hot spots
  • Adapt to high temperature and high radiation environments

Hi-MO 4m

Maximize Power Density and Flexibility

Hi-MO 4m modules have significant advantages of high efficiency, high power generation, and high reliability. Its size and weight scientifically match the requirements of distributed system installation and application scenarios. It is an ultra-high-value product tailored by LONGi for distributed users. The 66 version released this time is a useful supplement to the Hi-MO 4m series modules. The module has an area of about 2㎡, a weight of 22kg, and a power of 410~420W. It can be widely used in residential and C&I.

  • M6 gallium doped silicon wafer
  • Standard size, flexible application
  • Symmetric design, aesthetic outlook

Hi-MO 5

Delivering True Value

LONGi optimized gallium-doped M10 standard silicon wafers (182mm) to produce a P-Type Mono PERC module with the lowest LID, increased attenuation and power performance as well as long-term reliability.  Hi-MO 5  adopts “Smart Soldering” which uses integrated segmented soldering ribbons that maximize light capture and connect cells with reduced gap distance and reduce the tensile stress of the cell

  • M10 wafer with gallium-doped technology
  • P-PERC cell technology
  • Half-cut cell with multi-busbars
  • 72-cell format
Open Homes Australia Logo

LONGi Solar on Open Homes Australia

LONGi features on Open Homes Australia, Channel 9Life’s home design show that showcases incredible homes, breathtaking designs, and fantastic renewable energy technology that provides families with an opportunity to save on their energy costs whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

LONGi showcases its exceptional solar panels in seasons 5 and 6. You can watch their segments below:

Season 6

Season 5

Renovate or Rebuild Logo

LONGi Solar on Renovate or Rebuild

Renovate or Rebuild is an exciting new show that pits state against state! With familiar faces from The Block and Open Homes Australia, the teams pitch their renovation or rebuild designs to the homeowners and a panel of experts.

LONGi’s solar panels are not only highly recommended for renovations and rebuilds, but are also showcased on a very special build. You can watch the segments below:

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