The Volvo C40 Recharge: A Glimpse into Australia’s Sustainable Future

As Australia grapples with the pressing need to reduce its carbon footprint, the automotive industry has taken significant strides towards sustainable mobility solutions. Among the pioneers in this movement is Volvo, a brand renowned for its commitment to safety and innovation. The Volvo C40 Recharge has captured the attention of environmentally conscious Australians, including mine! This all-electric SUV actually came as a shock – I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did, nor did I believe it could win over my heart!

In this blog, I look at some of the highlights of the C40 and its drawbacks and discuss why I believe this vehicle is positioned perfectly for families.

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Volvo, Embracing Electric Mobility

With its transition to electric vehicles, Volvo has demonstrated its dedication to combatting climate change and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. The C40 is a prime example of this commitment, offering Australian drivers a stylish and sustainable option. As a fully electric vehicle, the C40 emits zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to cleaner air quality in our cities and beyond. Volvo brings together their hallmark safety features and sleek and modern design to deliver an SUV to rival their luxury vehicle counterparts.

Range and Charging Infrastructure

Range anxiety has long been a concern for potential EV buyers, but the Volvo C40 addresses this with its impressive range of 476 km for the single motor model and 507 km for the twin motor. Equipped with a sizeable battery pack, it can cover substantial distances on a single charge, making it suitable for both urban commuting and longer journeys across Australia’s vast landscapes. This really is a win and an incredible selling point. The comparable BYD Atto 3 (standard range) will take you 320 km before needing a charge.

Scandinavian Design and Versatility

Volvo is known for its distinctive Scandinavian design, and the C40 proudly carries forward this tradition. The sleek and aerodynamic exterior exudes modern elegance, turning heads wherever it goes. Inside, the C40’s cabin offers a harmonious blend of luxury and functionality, providing a comfortable and sophisticated driving experience. With ample cargo space and flexible seating options, it caters to the needs of Australian families, adventure enthusiasts, and professionals alike.

The C40 we test-drove was fitted with fabric seats, which was definitely a far cry from the luxurious interiors I have come to love in the electric BMWs and Jaguars. But the C40 Recharge does come with optional bio-based and recycled materials which are said to offer comfort and style with the look and feel of leather. The move away from leather is off the back of Volvo’s drive to source materials ethically and sustainably.

In line with Volvo’s global commitment to climate neutrality, the C40 is produced with a focus on sustainability. The carmaker utilises renewable energy sources in its production facilities and aims to achieve a fully climate-neutral manufacturing process by 2025. Additionally, the C40 incorporates sustainable materials throughout its interior, showcasing Volvo’s dedication to reducing its environmental impact at every stage.

Cutting-Edge Safety Features

Volvo’s unwavering commitment to safety is embedded within the DNA of the C40. Australian drivers will appreciate its comprehensive suite of advanced safety features, including collision avoidance technology, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assistance. These cutting-edge systems work in harmony to enhance driver awareness and prevent accidents, prioritising the well-being of both occupants and pedestrians.

Infotainment at Your Fingertips

The C40 includes a vertically oriented 9-inch touchscreen display. The high-resolution display offers crisp visuals and allows for easy navigation through menus, apps, and settings. The C40 supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, enabling seamless connectivity with compatible smartphones. These features allow users to access their favourite apps, music, contacts, and navigation through the car’s display, providing a familiar and convenient user experience.

Volvo C40 Recharge Interior

The 12-inch driver display provides the driver navigation and all the insights necessary to get from point A to B as safely as possible.

An EV for the Family

Priced from $74,990 plus on-road costs, the 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge is fantastically positioned for families. With ample space to comfortably seat 2 adults and up to 3 kids, this SUV has the range, technology, and comfortability to rival even the Mercedes-Benz EQA. I would be purchasing the twin motor model, and upgrading the interior, to really maximise the incredible Volvo C40.

The Volvo C40 represents an exciting leap towards sustainable mobility in Australia. From its electric powertrain and impressive range to its stylish design and safety features, the C40 embodies the best of Volvo’s commitment to innovation, luxury, and environmental responsibility. As Australians become increasingly conscious of the urgent need to combat climate change, the Volvo C40 offers a compelling option for those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on style or performance. By embracing the C40, Australians can play an active role in driving the country towards a cleaner and greener future.

Volvo C40 Recharge Specifications

Single Motor

Drive: Rear-Wheel Drive

Transmission: Automatic

Horsepower: 238 hp

Range (max): 476 km

Acceleration: 7.4s (0-100 km/h)

Max Engine Power: 175 kW

Torque: 420 Nm

Max Speed: 180 km/h

Battery capacity (usable): 70 kWh

Twin Motor

Drive: All-Wheel Drive

Transmission: Automatic

Horsepower: 408 hp

Range (max): 507 km

Acceleration: 4.7s (0-100 km/h)

Max Engine Power: 300 kW

Torque: 670 Nm

Max Speed: 180 km/h

Battery capacity (usable): 78 kWh

5 Seats, 4 Doors

413L luggage capacity, extends to 1,205L with flat-lay seats.

27 min Fast charge 10-80% (When charged using fast charging DC up to 200kW under optimal charging conditions)

Google built-in


360° camera

Cross-traffic alert

Harman Kardon Premium Sound

Volvo Cars Melbourne

We wish to thank the fantastic team at Volvo Cars Melbourne for lending us the incredible C40 Recharge. If you’re looking to make a Volvo your next car, look no further than the team at Volvo Cars Melbourne. Their state-of-the-art showroom will provide you with all the information you need to make your next vehicle a Volvo!

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