GoodWe EcoSmart Kids: Educational Program Poised to Inspire Victorian Students

Last Friday, we spoke with John Wright, marketing manager for GoodWe Australia and New Zealand. One of the exciting revelations from this episode of Road to Zero was the announcement of GoodWe’s EcoSmart Kids educational program. Launched this week, the EcoSmart Kids program will see GoodWe’s roadshow truck, the GoodWe smart innovation vehicle, visit Victorian schools. The purpose of this program is to inspire and educate kids on climate change, renewable energy, and positive messages for change.

Inspiring the next generation

The educational program, created by GoodWe and approved by educational professionals, was designed for primary school-aged children. Each event, run by the GoodWe team who all hold Working With Children permits, provides kids with practical ways to make changes in their own environment to address climate change. The program also gives kids an insight into how solar and other renewable energy components work.

A program to be proud of

Dean Williamson, GoodWe Country Manager commented:

“We take pride in thinking outside the box and trying to be a pioneer in the renewables industry.  Following the launch of our Smart Innovation Vehicle in 2022, we have been able to complete dozens of industry and Home Show consumer events across Australia in a very short space of time. We saw a unique opportunity with the roadshow vehicle to utilise it to reach a new audience in a fun and informative way that we hope will be very rewarding for everyone participating. We are also very thankful for the collaboration and support from the fantastic team at Exhibitions and Events Australia who run the Home Show events around Australia, their expertise will help us to give the program a fitting platform and celebration for all involved.

GoodWe EcoSmart Kids program John and Dean
Country Manager for GoodWe, Dean Williamson (left) and Marketing Manager, John Wright (right)

The EcoSmart Kids program is something we are very proud of, and we look forward to seeing what young creative minds will deliver in the competition. Through our trial visits, we were amazed by the knowledge and insight the children had, and their energy and enthusiasm certainly has us excited!  The hope is that long term, we can deliver EcoSmart Kids across Australia and even tailored to other regions around the world for GoodWe teams overseas.”

The EcoSmart Kids awards

Each participating Victorian school will have the opportunity to participate in a state-wide competition. Students will be invited to create a message, in a medium of their choosing, to inspire kids nationally with a positive environmental message. Students will be encouraged to use their creativity to develop and create the message using art, music, creative writing, and more; integrating their passions and talents. Each participant will enter the competition, run by GoodWe, which will see prizes awarded to winners. The 1st place winner of each school will be invited to the ‘championship’ event that will be held at the August Melbourne Home Show, with trophies and finalist prizes to be presented in front of attending schools, media, and VIP guests. 

The EcoSmart Kids awards event is scheduled to take place on Friday 25th August at the Melbourne Home Show, with digital exhibits of the competition and tour highlights on show to the public over the 3 day event.

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