Road to Zero with Roshan Ramnarain

Road to ZERO Podcast

Road to ZERO is a podcast that features industry experts, technology specialists, and celebrities who discuss all things renewable with our CEO, Roshan.

Energy Matters is dedicated to realising a future with zero carbon emissions, advocating for 100% renewable energy adoption, and encouraging every homeowner and business owner to contribute, regardless of the scale of their efforts. This podcast aims to bring about ideas, discuss the wins and pitfalls of moving towards a green future, and finding solutions to the greatest challenge humanity is facing – climate change. 

At Energy Matters, our commitment to fostering a NET zero-carbon future drives the discussions on this platform. The podcast serves as a dynamic space to explore ideas, share successes, and navigate challenges on the journey towards a green future, addressing the urgent global concern of climate change.

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Featured Episode

In this episode our CEO, Roshan Ramnarain, chats to “Emma Hall, Event Director for Terrapinn. Rosh & Emma will be discussing the upcoming Solar & Storage Live Australia 2024. If you’re in Brisbane on the 1st & 2nd May, 2024 register for Solar & Storage Live Australia 2024 for FREE HERE. Check out their website for this year’s action-packed line up of exhibitors and speakers which looks like being a great event 

Road to Zero Playlist

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In this episode our CEO, Roshan Ramnarain, chats to Gus Paviani, Head of APAC for REC Solar.

Rosh & Gus will be discussing the latest news on REC Solar, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Quality Solar Panels, including what’s in store for 2024 and their inclusion on this week’s episode of the award-winning TV show, Renovate or Rebuild, which airs on Saturday 6th April at 3.30pm on Channel 9, as well as several re-runs throughout the week.