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Thinking about energy independence and reducing the stranglehold electricity companies have over you? If you are, then Energy Matters can help you achieve this goal with home battery systems and energy storage. That is solar energy battery power. You can get your FREE solar quotes now.

Solar batteries are about taking control of your power generation and consumption.

energy matters

Thousands of Australians have realised they can get more out of their panels than just feeding excess energy back into the grid for a small feed-in tariff. Solar batteries allow solar power generated during the day to be stored for use at night or on cloudy days when solar panels cannot generate electricity. Adding a battery to a residential solar system can double the amount of self-generated electricity consumption!

Energy Matters has been a leader in the renewable energy industry since 2005. We can connect you with our trusted local installers, who will provide up to 3 FREE quotes for your home solar energy system. You can also learn more about home solar panel system sizing here.

Solar battery rebates and incentives 2022

Updated September 2022: there are several active solar battery rebate and incentive programs in Australia, which vary by state and territory:


Solar Victoria battery rebate

In Victoria, solar battery rebates are available for up to $2,950 for qualified households. Click here for more information and how to apply and eligibility.

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) pilot program

You might be interested in the Solar Victoria Virtual Power Plant (VPP) if you’re considering installing a solar battery or solar PV panels and a battery simultaneously. For qualified Victorians who enrol in a VPP program, the VPP pilot program gives increased solar battery rebates at a fixed rate of $4,174 towards the initial cost of a solar battery and installation.


The Empowering Homes Solar Battery Loan

The New South Wales government offered an interest-free loan of up to $14,000 for homeowners who installed a solar power system with batteries and up to $9,000 for adding batteries to an existing installation. This program is now CLOSED as of July 31, 2022. Click this link for more information.

Energy Bill Buster

Replacing the Empowering Home Solar Battery Loan will be the $128 million Energy Bill Buster. Thousands of households will soon be able to reduce their energy costs through solar and home appliance renovations.

Currently, an energy refund is provided to one-third of NSW citizens. If you receive the Low Income Household Rebate, you might be able to trade in your rebate for a free solar system or energy-saving modifications. You can read more about this initiative here.

South Australia

Home Battery Scheme

In 2018, the Home Battery Scheme opened and intended to deliver battery subsidies to 40,000 homeowners, which offered a $6,000 subsidy before reducing it to $2,000 over time. South Australia’s state government budget was released in June 2022 and announced that the Home Battery Scheme would be DISCONTINUED.

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) pilot program

If you are interested in installing a solar battery or already have one, consider participating in South Australia’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP). The VPP provides owners of solar batteries incentives to feed their stored electricity back into the grid at designated times. Visit our VPP page for further details.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Next Generation Energy Storage Program (Next Gen)

The ACT’s Next Gen Program provides rebates to households and businesses who want to install solar batteries. The program is open to all ACT residents except those living in the Jervis Bay Territory. Next Gen’s approved installer must also install the battery system to qualify for the rebate.  The eligibility requirements and the list of authorised installers are available here:

  • For households, the rebate is $3,500 (excluding GST) or 50% of the battery price (excluding GST) – whichever is the lowest.

  • For businesses, the rebate is $35,000 (excluding GST) or 33% of the battery price (excluding GST) – whichever is the lowest.

Sustainable Household Scheme

The scheme will run until 2026 unless extended. You can read more here.

  • This scheme provides zero-interest loans to help with the costs of energy-efficient upgrades.

  • If eligible, you can receive a loan from $2,000 to $15,000 to buy energy-efficient products that will be paid off over ten years.

Western Australia

Though WA does not offer any rebates for solar batteries, you can participate in the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS) if you have a solar system and/or solar battery.

The Time of Export payments encourages participants to export stored electricity during the late afternoon and evening periods when electricity demand and the wholesale cost of electricity are higher. Click here to learn if your home is eligible and how much payment you can expect to earn in return.

Northern Territory

Home and Business Battery Scheme

A subsidy of $450 per kilowatt hour of usable solar battery system capacity, up to a maximum incentive of $6,000, is available to eligible Northern Territory (NT) households, businesses or non-profit organisations.

You can apply if you’re:

  • a registered owner of residential property in the NT
  • a registered NT business
  • a not-for-profit or community organisation
  • operating in the NT in either owned or leased premises

You can use the funding to buy and install:

  • a solar photovoltaic (PV) with an eligible solar battery and inverter
  • an eligible battery and inverter only, if you already have solar PV installed

Note: You CANNOT use the funding to install a solar PV system on its own.

The following states and territories currently have NO solar battery rebates or incentives:


Our professional solar installers in Brisbane will assess and determine your energy needs. We customise a solar panel system in Brisbane to fit the roof size of your property, ensuring you receive the most suitable solar panel system for your Brisbane home, meeting to property’s energy requirements.

Federal government financial incentive

Home and Business Battery Scheme

The Australian federal government delivers the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), which provides subsidies on all eligible small-scale renewable energy systems (such as solar PV systems, solar batteries, and heat pumps) in the form of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Each system will receive a specific number of STCs based on the solar system and your location. Each STC has a monetary value that can either be sold on the open market or signed over to your installer, who will exchange the total value of the STCs for a point-of-sale discount on the cost of your solar system. This means that you can expect to save thousands on your solar battery! Click here to learn more about Australian solar rebates and incentives.

What’s more, Energy Matters can help you make an informed decision and the perfect option on the suitability of a solar battery with our Solar Power and Battery Storage Calculator.

Are you ready to add a battery to your solar PV system? Get up to 3 FREE, no-obligation solar quotes for a solar battery. The Solar Quotes quiz also covers other renewables, so get clicking today!

Home energy storage overview

Home energy storage overview

A beginner’s guide to the new generation of home solar battery storage systems. You will find what you need to know about getting the best from residential energy storage.

Solar + Battery Storage Calculator

Solar + Battery Storage Calculator

Not quite sure how much you can expect to save with a solar battery? Our Solar and Battery Storage Calculator can provide a quick answer! Simple to use, and the results are instant!

What is a battery-ready solar power system?

What is a battery-ready solar power system?

Solar battery ready, upgradeable and compatible: what do all these terms mean? Can any solar power system be upgraded to include batteries? Find out the answers here. As feed-in tariffs get lower, installing a battery makes more sense.

Tesla Powerwall 2 information

Tesla Powerwall 2 information

It’s the home solar battery solution that has taken the nation by storm – learn more about how Tesla Powerwall 2 can help you move towards energy independence.

Get a solar + storage quote

Get a solar + storage quote

If you’re ready to increase your energy independence, take the next step. You can get a quick obligation-free quote for a price on the best solar battery-ready system or solar package with storage. Our free service connects you to our local, trusted installers.

Home battery systems rebates and subsidies

Home battery systems rebates and subsidies

You can start making the most of your solar PV system by installing a solar battery system now. Here’s some information on grants and financial incentives available to support your purchase and reduce costs.


Home Solar Battery FAQ

Home Solar Battery FAQ

In our home solar battery FAQ, we try to answer all your questions about residential battery storage. You may have questions about compatibility, blackout protection,  warranty period, and other topics