Thinking energy independence and further reducing the stranglehold electricity companies have over you? Energy Matters can help you achieve this goal with home battery systems energy storage – battery power – at a competitive price!

Home battery systems: Solar and battery system calculator

We’ve been installing residential battery systems across Australia for more than a decade. We can supply and install the best next-generation solar batteries at great prices from leading brands including Tesla, SMA and Enphase.

Get more from solar power! Call our friendly, expert team on 133-SUN for prices and to learn more ; or review some of our information below.

Energy storage overview

Home energy storage overview

A beginners guide to the new generation of home battery storage systems – what you need to know about getting the best from residential energy storage.

Solar battery storage calculator

NEW! Solar + battery calculator

A few battery calculators have started appearing around the web, but ours is very easy to use. Learn how much energy you can save by installing batteries. We also offer a “pro” version of our calculator with advanced features for solar installers.

Battery ready systems

What is a battery ready solar power system?

Battery ready, upgradeable and compatible – what do all these terms mean? Can any solar power system be upgraded to include batteries? Find out the answers here.

Information on Tesla Powerwall

NEW! Tesla Powerwall 2 information

It’s the home battery solution that has taken the nation by storm – learn more about how Tesla Powerwall 2 can help you towards energy independence. For a limited time, we have some fantastic special offers on full solar + Powerwall systems and low-price retrofits!

Information on Sonnen battery systems

NEW! sonnenBatterie Eco

Made in Germany by Europe’s leading home battery manufacturer, Sonnen, the sonnenBatterie Eco is an affordably priced modular all-in-one storage solution compatible with all solar panel systems and features a market-leading warranty.

Information on Enphase AC Battery

NEW! Enphase Battery Storage System

Now available from Energy Matters, the Enphase AC Battery offers a modular energy storage solution – add batteries as you wish! We’re currently offering great prices on full Enphase based solar + storage and retrofits.

How to retrofit Powerwall

Retrofitting Tesla Powerwall

Discover how you could add a Tesla Powerwall energy storage solution to your home solar power system – it may be easier than you think!

Solar + energy storage quote

Get a solar + storage quote

If you’re ready to increase your energy independence, you can get a quick obligation-free quote for a price on the best battery-ready system or a solar package with storage using our online selection system. It only takes a minute or two to choose a system and submit a quote request!

Rebates and subsidies for battery systems

Home battery systems rebates and subsidies

You can start making the most from solar by installing a battery system now – here’s some information on grants and financial incentives available to support your purchase and reduce costs.

Energy storage and blackouts

Battery systems as blackout insurance

If you’re considering installing energy storage on your grid-connected home as a form of blackout insurance, here’s some important things you need to know.

Battery ready systems

Home Battery FAQ

In our home battery FAQ, we try to answer all your questions about residential battery storage

No longer is energy storage the realm of off-gridders and tinkerers. Gone are the days of complex components that require a good deal of knowledge to use safely and effectively – not to mention cash!

The new generation of solar batteries available in Australia cost less, look great, require minimal maintenance, are efficient and very safe. These battery power systems quietly work away without a fuss, helping you to make the most of your valuable solar-generated electricity.

Increase your energy independence while maintaining the peace of mind of being connected to the grid – or choose to ditch the mains grid altogether. Call our home battery systems specialists on 133-SUN or use our contact form in order to find out costs and receive free, no-obligation advice on the best storage solution for you from our friendly Australia-based team. Get more from your solar power system!