Melbourne BMW: The Rising Demand for EVs in Australia

Roshan caught up with Melbourne BMW's Daniel Odman and Christian Fazzari to discuss the rise of Electric Vehicles in Australia

When thinking of a vehicle brand that is synonymous with luxury and sportiness, our minds immediately bring to the fore BMW. Our CEO, Roshan, recently road-tested the BMW i4 eDrive40; an electric vehicle that encompasses all the hallmarks of a classic BMW with the raw power and silence that EVs are known for. The i4 eDrive40 was generously provided by our friends at Melbourne BMW; BMW’s premier dealership in Melbourne and the location of a state-of-the-art showroom that was recently redeveloped to provide BMW’s new Retail Next experience.

Retail Next is a new customer experience, for those accustomed to sitting at a sales booth on the showroom floor. You’ll now be met with luxury furniture and finishes, and an ordering experience that gives the power to the customer.





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Test drive the BMW i4 Electric Vehicle

Roshan caught up with Daniel Odman, Dealer Principal, and Christian Fazzari, Special Vehicles Sales Executive of Melbourne BMW to discuss the rise of Electric Vehicles in Australia, Melbourne BMW’s new showroom, and an exclusive deal available to Energy Matters’ customers.

Thanks so much for catching up with Energy Matters today! Please tell us about your brand-new showroom and what it means for your customers.

Melbourne BMW is one of only 5 dealers selected globally to pilot BMW’s new Retail Next format. The key objectives underpinning the design philosophy are: More customer-centric, embracing sustainability and digital topics, and premium, luxurious finishes, while retaining a warm, welcoming feel.

Sustainability was a key focus of the build project, including the installation of solar, water and waste management and Green Traffic plans, use of recycled materials throughout, including the iconic acoustic grided ceiling, AC and DC chargers in both the carpark and workshop and dedicated high security and electric hoists within the workshop.

Melbourne BMW Showroom
Melbourne BMW’s new state-of-the-art showroom

Tell us more about Autosports Group, the owner of Melbourne BMW.

Autosports Group (ASG) is the largest retailer of prestige and luxury vehicles in Australia, with 55+ retail operations across Australia and New Zealand. ASG represents 19+ brands, including BMW, Audi, Jaguar, and Lamborghini. Listed on ASX in Nov 2016, ASG has grown from strength to strength providing industry-leading showrooms and servicing/parts centres.

Covid presented monumental challenges for car manufacturers and dealerships across the world. This resulted in supply shortages and lead times exceeding 6 months. How has Melbourne BMW been impacted by the supply shortages?

The automotive industry has been hit with numerous supply chain challenges since the start of Covid. Semiconductor (Covid) and wiring loom (Ukraine and Russia conflict) shortages have continued to impact production. There was strong domestic demand throughout the lockdowns. While the impact of Covid has begun to stabilise, quarantine and freight/logistics issues have been present since late 2022. Availability is likely to normalise in the second half of 2023.

There are strong order banks, however, selected models are available for delivery within reasonable timeframes (ie iX3, iX40).

Electric Vehicle demand has seen a sharp rise in Australia. Has this been reflected in orders and sales of BMW Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)?

Our Melbourne BMW dealership has achieved significant retail volume growth in both BEV and PHEV over the last 12 months. BMW EV sales have risen +295% vs PY, rising to >6% of total volume (up from ~1% of total volume in 2021). MINI has also seen an increase of +50% vs PY, rising to >20% of total volume (up from ~10% of total volume in 2021). Motorrad also introduced a new electric bike (CE-04) in 2021.

Growth has largely been seen in BEV vs PHEV / hybrid; BEV outsells PHEV by 2:1. Our inbound inquiries are moving towards 1 in 5! Inquiries are driven by consumer appetite for electro-mobility options and the strength of the new product portfolio.

Whether you’re a long-time BMW fan, or you’re looking to enter the EV market, head on over to Melbourne’s prestige BMW dealership for unmatched service.

Exclusive to Melbourne BMW, Energy Matters customers, receive:

  • Up to 5-year unlimited charging subscription to the Chargefox network~ BMW Chargefox Membership, includes complimentary unlimited use of Fast and Ultra-Rapid (DC, 50 kW+) public charging stations
  • Receive up to a $3,000* deposit contribution when you finance your BMW or MINI with BMW Finance at Melbourne BMW

Plus, enjoy our standard inclusions on all BMW and MINI Electric vehicles

  • 3-year BMW roadside assistance
  • Benefits extended to your spouse or de facto partner
  • 5 years unlimited kilometre warranty
  • Access to BMW Genius

This offer is exclusive to Melbourne BMW. Whilst the joy of driving an Ultimate Driving Machine will last forever, this offer won’t. Offer ends 30 June 2023.

Electric Vehicles are fast becoming Australia’s vehicle of choice – are you looking to make your next vehicle electric? Book a test drive today and begin reaping the benefits of a sustainable vehicle.

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