Commercial Energy Storage – Battery Solutions For Australian Business

While still a relatively new technology, commercial battery storage in Australia will have a major impact on how businesses manage their electricity costs in the years ahead. Commercial energy storage has been a fast growing segment in the U.S. and where the USA is going, Australia will likely follow. Perhaps even ultimately lead.

commercial battery storage

Why Should Australian Businesses Consider Energy Storage?

The case for businesses to install battery storage at this point in time is primarily to reduce peak demand charges, shift mains grid electricity consumption profiles and to make the most of solar power.

Other potential benefits of commercial energy storage for businesses and/or utilities include:

  • Energy arbitrage
  • Resiliency and backup power
  • Ensuring supply adequacy
  • Transmission congestion relief
  • Deferring transmission and distribution upgrades
  • Participation in demand response programs
  • Frequency regulation
  • Reserve market participation

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Battery Systems Make The Most Of Solar, Slash Demand Charges

If a business is operating 9-5, five days a week, there are periods where any solar panel electricity that’s generated isn’t used. That then feeds to the grid for just a few cents per kWh. In some parts of Australia, this surplus electricity cannot feed to the grid and therefore essentially goes to waste.

This is energy that could be stored in batteries for use when electricity rates are sky-high at certain times of the day.

Another benefit is in shifting electricity consumption profiles. If energy in a battery is tapped during peak rate periods, there may be substantial savings to be had in terms of demand charges. This can account for a significant portion of a company’s annual electricity cost. For a significant number of Energy Matters’ commercial customers, demand charges can be up to 45-50% of electricity total costs.

Let’s look at a a recent example. In a recent proposal for a large business customer using 2000 kWh /day, demand charge reduction of a modeled project (100 kW PV system, 210 kWh storage capacity) represented 95% of annual expected savings when considering their particular electricity tariff structure and usage profile.

Battery storage combined with solar helps businesses to maximise their use of self-generated and very cheap electricity. But even without solar panels, the use of a battery storage system can enable a company to use cheaper off peak grid power for charging. You can then use that stored energy at times when mains electricity supply is most expensive.

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What Commercial Battery Solutions Are Available In Australia?

The choice of commercial energy storage battery systems depends somewhat on the size of the business.

A very small business or home office scenario can take advantage of residential battery solutions already available via Energy Matters.

Medium-sized  businesses could benefit from a system such as the German-made sonnenBatterie Eco.

For large commercial and industrial businesses, Tesla batteries may be a suitable solution.

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Other potential applications for commercial solar battery storage systems

Commercial energy storage systems have other applications. A business may use commercial solar battery storage to sell services from their battery back to the electric grid. 

Some of the services may include exporting power during high-peak periods when prices skyrocket. Organisations may also provide ancillary services. Even though they are not common yet, they may be more common soon. Ancillary services may be reactive power support or frequency support. 

Another application for commercial solar battery storage systems may be for organisations that don’t want to upgrade or don’t have the budget to upgrade their infrastructure to service all their power needs from the grid. 

Solar Power As A Starting Point

Your company may not be ready to be an early adopter of a commercial-scale battery system. However, if you’re paying more than 15c per kWh for electricity (daytime rates) and have a suitable rooftop, then you are ready to start reaping the many financial and other benefits of solar power systems as a starting point.

You don’t even have to purchase a system outright. We offer solar PPA and loan options to eligible customers that involve zero up front capital outlay. This can free up cash for battery storage or other business investments.

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Getting Commercial Energy Storage Right

Commercial-scale battery storage can be a significant investment, and one that must serve your company well for a long time.

It’s crucial that a battery system’s design is to perform at its maximum efficiency in order to provide the best returns. There are few installers in Australia with the necessary experience and certification – and many of those who have the skills are part of the Energy Matters team.

In addition to our energy storage know-how, Energy Matters is one of Australia’s leading installers of commercial solar power systems. View some of the many commercial projects that we’ve carried out for businesses across Australia; from 20kW to projects in the megawatt range.

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