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Harnessing the power of the sun is a fantastic way to reduce your electricity bills, become more environmentally friendly, and gain energy independence. But with so many solar installers in Australia, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming.  This is where Energy Matters can help!

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Energy Matters connects you with pre-vetted and trusted local solar installers

We’ve done the legwork to ensure you’re matched with reputable firms with a proven track record of delivering high-quality solar systems. Simply tell us your needs, and we’ll connect you with up to 3 no-obligation-FREE solar quotes for your home or business solar energy system.  With Energy Matters, you can be confident you’re getting the best possible deal on solar power.

Why choose Energy Matters?

  • We’ve been in the solar industry since 2005 and have helped over 40,000 Australian households journey to energy independence.
  • We’ve pre-qualified and vetted our solar installers, who are accredited for their track record of delivering Australia’s best business and household solar systems.
  • We’ll match you with installers who are local to you so you can get a quote that’s tailored to your needs.

Benefits of going solar with Energy Matters

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Get up to 3 FREE quotes

We’ll connect you with 3 different solar installers so you can compare prices and services.

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Work with trusted installers

We only work with solar installers who have been pre-qualified and vetted for their track record of delivering quality solar systems.

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Get peace of mind

We’ll support you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the final installation. Our team will assist you with the information you need to go solar!

Now, let's explore some of the top-rated solar installers

Let’s find the perfect solar solution for your home or business! These are just a few examples of the many pre-vetted installers you can connect with through Energy Matters.  No matter your location in Australia, we can help you find a qualified and reputable solar installer to bring your solar dream to life.

Solar installers in NSW

1KOMMA5° Sydney

1KOMMA5° Sydney (formerly SolaRay Energy) brings sunshine to Glendenning and its surrounds with its expert solar panel installations. They can design and install a system that suits your energy needs and budget perfectly. Checkout their REC Solar panel installation.


KDEC Electrical & Solar is a family-owned business in Albury-Wodonga, Australia, specialising in electrical and solar services for homes and businesses. They offer a range of services from general electrical work to solar panel installations, all backed by their commitment to quality and community focus.

SAE Group

SAE Group is a leading solar provider servicing the Tweed Heads area. They offer a comprehensive range of solar solutions, from system design and installation to after-sales support. SAE Group is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction and its use of high-quality solar products, such as Tesla, Fronius and Sunpower.

Case Statewide Solar

Case Statewide Solar is a trusted name in solar power, offering services to residents and businesses in Gregory Hills and surrounding areas.  They pride themselves on their transparent and customer-centric approach, ensuring you understand solar energy’s benefits and costs before deciding.

Freedom Solar & Batteries

Freedom Solar & Batteries in the Central Coast provides a one-stop shop for your solar journey.  They’ll guide you through the entire process, from initial consultation to installation and ongoing support, while offering battery storage solutions. Checkout their LONGi Solar panel installation.

Gremmio Homes

Family-run Gremmo Homes has been building unique and high-quality custom houses in the Sydney metropolitan area for over 20 years. Their team of brothers and skilled tradespeople can handle all aspects of your dream home, from design and permits to construction, interior design, landscaping, and even pool installation.

My Energy Group

Located in Silverwater, My Energy Group provides exceptional solar installations for homes and businesses throughout the region. Their qualified and experienced solar specialists will work closely with you to understand your energy needs and design a customised solar system that meets your budget and goals. Checkout their LONGi solar panel installation.

Smart Energy Answers

In Sydney, Smart Energy Answers lives up to its name. Its specialists will assess your energy usage and design a customised solar solution that maximises your savings.

Solar installers in VIC

BlueGum Electrical

BlueGum Electrical, a family-owned business serving Melbourne suburbs like Gisborne and Sunbury, offers a comprehensive approach to electrical services. They specialise in not just electrical repairs and upgrades, but also solar panel installation, air conditioning systems, and smart home technology, all designed to improve your comfort and energy efficiency.

Elite Solar Solutions

Embrace a brighter future with Elite Solar Solutions in South Melbourne. They offer premium solar panel systems, like SunPower, and battery storage options, empowering you to take control of your energy consumption.

Lowe Design

Lowe Design in Mordialloc goes beyond just solar panels.  They’ll design and integrate a complete solar energy system that complements your home’s aesthetics while maximising efficiency.


Omzen is a renowned solar installer in Cheltenham and is known for its commitment to personalised customer service, top-tier solar panel brands, and exceptional inverter technology, such as Enphase.

Six Star Plus

Six Star Plus in Lynbrook is dedicated to providing a six-star out-of-six solar experience.  Their team offers expert advice, high-quality installations, and exceptional customer service. Check out their GoodWe installation.

Specialized Solar

Specialized Solar in Lynbrook focuses on delivering exceptional customer service alongside its top-tier solar installations. It will ensure your system is tailored to your specific needs and provide ongoing maintenance support. Check out their installation of REC solar panels.

SunGroup Energy

SunGroup Energy in Keysborough shines a light on sustainable energy solutions.  They’ll design and install a solar system that reduces your reliance on the grid and saves you money on energy bills.

Solar installers in WA

Empower Solar

Empower Solar in Canning Vale is a leading designer and installer of solar and battery storage systems. They empower families and businesses to achieve energy independence with a sustainable approach.

Solar installers in QLD

Fair Solar

Fair Solar serves Eight Mile Plains and the surrounding areas, specialising in top-notch solar installations designed for optimal performance. Check out our testimony and their Fronius installation.

Global Solar Solutions

Global Solar Solutions provides exceptional solar installations for residents on the Gold Coast, ensuring you harness the sunshine’s full potential.

REA Global

REA Global in Brisbane offers comprehensive solar solutions, from system design and installation to after-sales support, guiding you through every step of the solar journey. Check out their Enphase installation.

Solar UpTime

Solar UpTime services Brisbane and the Gold Coast and focuses on maximising your solar power potential with efficient system design and installation. Check out their LONGi Solar installation.

Solar installers in SA


SunEnergy in Norwood is a trusted solar provider, committed to delivering exceptional solar installations and ongoing support for their customers.

Key considerations when choosing a solar installer

  • Solar Accreditation Australia (SAA): The Clean Energy Regulator announced a new accreditation provider. As of February 29, 2024, installers and designers must be accredited by Solar Accreditation Australia (SAA).
  • Experience and reputation: Look for a company with a proven track record and positive customer reviews. Feel free to ask for references or check online review platforms.
  • System design expertise: A skilled installer will thoroughly assess your property’s energy needs and roof space before designing a customised solar system.
  • Product quality: Inquire about the brands and warranties offered for solar panels, inverters, and other components. Opt for reputable brands with strong warranties.
  • Pricing and financing options: Compare quotes from multiple installers, considering the upfront cost, potential rebates, and financing options.
  • Safety measures and workmanship: Ensure the installer prioritises safety during installation and uses high-quality materials and proper workmanship.
  • Warranty coverage: Inquire about the warranty on the installation work, panels, and other equipment.
  • Clear pricing and financing options: Get a system cost breakdown and explore financing options if needed.

Taking the next step

Getting multiple quotes is essential. Once you’ve identified a few potential installers, reach out for consultations and quotes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and compare proposals before making a decision.  By following these tips and considering the recommended installers above, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the benefits of solar power in Australia.

Ready to take control of your energy bills and switch to solar? Contact Energy Matters today, and we’ll connect you with up to 3 FREE solar quotes from trusted local solar installers!